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South Campus Library and Learning Commons: The Body in the Library

Welcome to South Campus Library and Learning Commons (LLC)

Welcome to our Murder Mystery Game!


We have a runner up winner as no one guessed the right murderer!  

Thank you to our participants!

Who knew murder could be such a tricky business?

Victim - Landon Loki - Crime Scene Photo

Information on How to Play

The Body in the Library


October 15th - October 30th, 2018


There are multiple suspects and we need your help to get justice

for Landon Loki.   #JusticeForLandon


What we know:

Landon Loki, the Reference Librarian, has been found dead on the stairs that lead up to the circulation desk. The police on the scene did not see any blunt force trauma or any visible wounds that would cause his death.


A lot of people had a reason to do him in. But who actually did it? We need your help!


How to Play:

  1. Pick up the case file handout from the Circulation Desk OR download/print it out (see below).
  2. Read each suspect biography carefully and find a clue that will match one of areas in the South Campus Library and Learning Commons. Go there!
  3. Solve the mystery.
  4. Turn in your completed investigation by 7:45 p.m. on October 30th to the detective on duty at the reference desk.

Files to Download for Solving the Mystery:  

Betty Banshee


BIO: Ms. Banshee is a Science Lead Tutor in our library. A science lab superstar, Belle, is bright and friendly, blessed with amazing vision. Quite literally, Ms. Banshee sees all and misses nothing. Thus, she elevates her entry level job with a personal spin, intimately acquainted even with the least noticeable of our patrons, and equally in tune with the comings and goings of our staff.  She runs the ID Room and remembers everyone’s name.  Though professionally sociable, Belle, in private, longs for companionship and, indeed, romance. She is swept away by the offhand smiles of customers, the occasional flirtation with a co-worker, and has especially shown interest in two men.   The first is the dashing, and rather aloof, but oddly charismatic, Mr. Djinni.  The other is the hardworking, stick to the rules, but funny Landon Loki.  In fact, Belle finds her most pressing tasks to be located invariably just next to these two men’s particular areas of responsibility – whenever she can manage it. Alas, all of Belle's romantic stories belong to others and her excellent customer service is taken for granted. Her co-workers find her acute observation unnerving and more than a bit annoying.

Dave Djinni


BIO: Our Captain Djinni fancies himself to be something of a seafarer, although where he found a boat in Arizona is a mystery. He appeared in our library a year or so ago, with a newfound interest in becoming a library volunteer. His career, loosely defined as Entrepreneur, appeared to change course, quite suddenly after playing the board game Islebound,  from which he, formerly a visitor from the Southwest, emerged a treasure hunter, with the dubious title of Captain, a sweetheart in the Special Collections department, AND a curiously strong interest in shelving the board games near the history section. Quite the ladies' man, he is a frequent eye-catcher, and charm is definitely in his wheelhouse. His passion for shelving, notwithstanding, Captain Djinni can often be found rummaging about in the Local History section, among the early charts and logbooks of the first European explorers. Outside the library? Dave is a connoisseur of Native American artifacts, with a particular interest in weaponry.

Denise Duende


BIO: Ms. Denise Duende has recently become the Library Assistant in charge of the ID room. She was surprised to find her fellow MENSA member, Landon Loki, on the staff when she arrived. Once good friends, when Diane's father was a journalist with the local paper, the two have apparently grown apart in spite of close college ties, and appear to have little interest in one another. Ms. Duende is, however, obviously delighted to have her own office at long last and is plunging feet first into her new role. She plans to make the room look more welcoming so it’s easy for students to feel comfortable and smile for the camera.  Denise might even give a few Jiu Jitsu lessons so the higher ups will have to take notice.


Kremlin Gremlin

BIO: For all intents and purposes, Kremlin Gremlin lives in the library. From opening to closing, he can be found seated at a computer playing MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). A gamer lives to play, and Kremlin's ability to concentrate is next level. His need for uninterrupted online time borders on pathological. In a busy academic library, where computers are offered freely, online time may be limited in the interest of fairness. Kremlin's virtual existence has, also, been breached by a sudden and unexpected positive interest in a living female. Neda Nephilim, the most beautiful creature on this plane of existence, can be easily and steadily observed from Carrel 1 or 2.  Kremlin must have unlimited screen time, and he absolutely must have the correct screen! Tension has grown between Kremlin and Landon Loki during the past few weeks, as he is the enforcer of the fair use policy.


Gregor Griffin

BIO: Mr. Griffin moved to Jacksonville following early retirement from his career as a chemist with British Petroleum. A chronic respiratory condition came with the retirement. He met Laura Lockness in downtown Atlantic Beach at Poe’s and they bonded over a burger. Eager to share local history with a newcomer, and checking out the partnership possibilities, Laura told Gregor about Dave's treasure research in the Local Florida History section. Mr. Griffin was definitely interested and has been visiting the library for the past few weeks. He arrived with a keen interest in local real estate and has been a regular customer in the Florida History section. He has worked closely with Landon Loki for several weeks. Mr. Griffin enjoys a flirtatious dalliance with Ms. Lockness, but appears to be far more serious about real estate law. Outside the library, Gregor is a regular at real estate and gardening meetups. He enjoys making new friends and loves local stories.


Kyla Kelpie

BIO: Ms. Kelpie is an oral hygienist employed part-time in the Dental Practice of Seymour Blood, DDS, specializing in orthodontics and oral surgery.  Kyla was drawn to the library by her passion for collectibles. Always on the lookout for rare books, and donated treasures, she volunteers to manage the Donations. Thus, she has access to all donations and discarded library materials. Ms. Kelpie has made herself an expert and is frequently invited to assist in maintaining the local history collection, a task which puts many books of potential value directly into her hands. She is keenly observant.  Ms. Kelpie is, for example, quietly scornful of Landon’s apparent inability to recognize a valuable book languishing on the dusty (dare I say moldering?) shelves of P section. Indulging in only the finest things, Kyla begins each day with one perfect, thoughtfully-sourced, organic coffee.


Laura Lochness


BIO: Ms. Lochness is the Librarian that specializes in Special Collections but she especially specializes in lucrative research lately.  She sidelines as resident Hot Ticket! Laura is openly dating Mr. Djinni, Library Volunteer, whom she met at Jacksonville Beach’s Deck the Chairs event last year as they drooled over the lights. She finds him entertaining, adequately generous within his means, and respectably attractive. She helps Dave research pirate lore in the local area. Laura is the looker in the Library, and fashion isn't cheap. Laura's solution is to hedge her bets with a dalliance. Two-timing may be tawdry, but you need some digs to roll with the rich boys. As a single mother to the Library's resident student, Zeus Zombie, Laura has to make hay. She might hang out with the rare Graphic Novels collection but her ticket to bigger things might be Gregor Griffin, who is poised to be the more financially promising treasure hunter. His breath might not be quite as sweet, but Griffin's got it all over Dave when it comes to cashing in on the research at the Reference desk.  It seems he’s funding technology experiments to help locate treasures underground. Time off?  Ms. Lochness will be trolling for fashion. Her capital is knockout style, boutique and unique.

Maggie D. Maleficent


BIO: Ms. Maleficent has been a loyal employee of the Library for many years. As the Technical Services Librarian, her primary duties involve cataloging library materials and maintaining the library databases. Her work is detailed and endless, highly professional, essential, and performed in the back room, only to be, upon completion, buried in the library software and visible only to the most discerning of her colleagues. Of late Maggie has become restless. Indeed, when the Department Head position became available, she applied with high hopes. Her long standing and tireless devotion to this Library, her impeccable record, her finely tuned skills would surely place her among the top candidates. Landon Loki, however, was selected. Since that unfortunate turn of events, Ms. Maleficent has been increasingly dissatisfied with her job, and moreover has begun to notice sinister changes in her work environment. Either the computers are beginning to function with apparent independence, or she is receiving messages from someone else. Clearly, Maggie is not the only one troubled by Landon Loki's misappropriation of Maggie's rightful job. But whoever is speaking to her, is urging Landon, with sound logic, to step up and stamp out ineptitude. When needing a break from her job, Ms. Maleficent loves to visit the Foreign Language Lab and dream of traveling again as she works on her skills.

Craig Kobold

BIO: Mr. Kobold is a regular patron of the library. He is an avid reader, favoring science fiction and fantasy novels.  He prefers creating book covers in Photoshop over talking to other patrons – or, in fact, any other human. The MAC lab is the perfect place.  Craig and Landon Loki have known one another since elementary school and, although, not close friends, share a common interest in their local author community. Mr. Kobold is currently searching for an affordable home in San Marco. When he is not reading quietly in the library, or searching for a new author, Craig enjoys vintage sci-fi art and fantasy action figure collectibles.


Neda Nephilim


BIO:  Ms. Nephilim is the Computer Tutor that works with technology all day long. Cooler than cool, Neda relates easily to the hip crowd, fully supporting tats, alternative hair, and colorful language. Her primary ride is a skateboard and her beat is the Computer Lab. Inside the LLC, Neda prefers to hang with her laptop and rock the best music in town on her earphones. Ms. Nephilim leaves the nerd den on an as needed basis and only with a palpable and edgy reluctance. Outside the library? You won't see her, unless you're ready to strike Utkatasana (Chair pose) on a paddleboard...

Priscilla Pixie

BIO: Ms. Pixie is a familiar face in our library as she is not only a Writing Tutor but she loves to visit all of the library and learning commons each day. She greets the staff and checks our schedules, chats with patrons, reads the newspaper, and enjoys a brief nap with her eyes open as she stares across to the computer lab. Ms. Pixie can be depended upon to attend every library event, never missing a book club talk or a platter of cookies. She is prepared for anything with a well-stocked desk, tissues, non-perishable snacks, spare change, first aid equipment, magnifying glass, nasal spray, aspirin, candy and even the occasional fruit. Ms. Pixie is familiar with all of our habits and tendencies and comments should we stray from our normal behavior. On the rare day Priscilla does not come to the library, she may be found engaged in community coffee shops for local gossip.

Tracey Tennin


 BIO: Ms. Tennin is a regular guest of the library. She spends several hours each day on a computer working on her math skills. While, Ms. Tennin goes for extended periods of time without speaking to staff, she has on occasion, an intense need to communicate. She is an expert in string theory and longs to share the excitement and fear. Tracey dabbles in the paranormal, and sports unique technology, designed to discourage alien abduction. She has noticed on several days recently that her Internet connection is sporadic and she believes the IT department may be stealing her information, perhaps WITH the complicity of Landon Loki. She has reported suspicious activity on her computer to Mr. Loki, and recently turned to other staff, with the fear that Mr. Loki himself is stealing information. When Ms. Tennin goes to town, she loves to visit the local ghost tours and haunts stores where alien treasures can be found.

Wes Werewolf


BIO:  Wes Werewolf is a librarian’s dream.  He’s a man that LOVES his library. He favors robots, and has a passion for making things. When Landon Loki started a Makerspace in the library, Wes became his greatest fan. Mr. Loki is the first librarian who gets the importance of nerdy tech and Wes is hooked. He, also, has a burgeoning interest in people watching for future AI projects, and has become slightly obsessed with Dave Djinni, the suave and questionable guy who is always in the library putting books away. Outside of the library, Wes likes to pick up coffee or a milkshake and read Popular Science.

Zeus Zombie


BIO:   Zeus Zombie is the son of Librarian, Laura Lochness. While a college student would ordinarily be in class on weekdays, Zeus suffers a sort of morning sickness with some regularity and is often at the library. He is familiar with staff and patrons alike. Zeus tends to be active, quite active, and while clearly instructed to study quietly during library hours of operation, he doesn’t. Zeus has been a cause of concern for supervising staff, most especially Landon Loki, with the Reference Department. Regulars expect a calm, somewhat quiet environment, and can be shocked by the noise levels achieved by a young man playing online gambling games or watching YouTube videos or laughing at Graphic Novels when he gets mad at fellow players.   Often Zeus is fueled by donuts, and he has never refused a slice of pizza.

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