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MLA Style: 7th edition: Misc. Sources

Miscellaneous Sources


Legal Source (MLA Handbook 205-206) 

Name of Act. Public Law number. Statute at Large volume number-page(s). Date enacted. Format.  

               Name of First Plaintiff v. Name of Defendant. Volume, Name and page or reference number

               of law cited. Name of the Court.Year of Decision. Publication information. Format. 


Aviation and Transportation Security Act. Pub.L. 107-71. Stat. 115.597. 19 Nov. 2001. Print.

Brown v. Board of Educ. 347 US 483-96. Supreme Court of the US. 1954. Lexis Nexis database

               12 Nov. 2009. Web.


Lecture (MLA Handbook 203) 

Last, First name of speaker. “Title of Presentation.” Meeting and Sponsoring Organization. Location. Date. 



Jones, Robert. “Literary Treasures Found: Exploring the Classics via the Television Series ‘Lost’.” English 1102. 

                 Dalton State College. 12 Nov. 2009. Lecture.   



Interview (MLA Handbook 201-202)

Last, First name of interviewee. “Title of Interview.” Title of Program. Call Letters, Location of Station.   

                 Date of interview. Format.


Conroy, Pat. Interview by Martin Jones. All Things Considered. Natl. Public Radio. WQMT, Dalton.  

                8 Dec. 2007. Radio.

Welty, Eudora. Interview. Atlanta Journal Constitution 25 June 1985, D12. Print.

To cite an interview you conducted, provide the name of the person interviewed, the type of interview and the date(s).


Emerson, Michael. Personal interview. 25 May 2009.