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MLA Style: 7th edition: Works Cited Page

General Guidelines

Italicize the following:   (MLA Handbook 88-89). 


Book Titles

Poems Published As Books

Periodicals (newspapers,magazines, journals)


Online Databases

Television & Radio Broadcasts

Audiocassettes, CDs


Record Albums

Operas & long musical compositions

Names of ships, aircraft, spacecraft

Dance Performances


Exception: Do not italicize or use quotation marks for the titles of sacred writings, laws or political documents, societies, buildings, monuments, conferences, workshops and courses (MLA Handbook 91).    

 Use "quotation marks" for the following:  (MLA Handbook 89).

Titles of articles, essays, stories, and poems

Individual episodes of television or radio broadcast

Pages within a web site

Chapters of books


Lectures and speeches


Capitalize the first word and all other principal words of the titles and subtitles of cited works (MLA Handbook 86).   

Use “and” rather than an ampersand [&] when listing multiple authors (MLA Handbook 154).  

Formatting a Works Cited Page

For an example of a Works Cited page, see the MLA Handbook, page 13.

Start a works cited list on a separate page at the end of your paper (MLA Handbook 130-131).

Double-space the entire Works Cited page(s) (MLA Handbook 130-131).

Position the first line of each entry at the left margin and subsequent lines should be indented 5-7 spaces or ½ inch (MLA Handbook 131).

Organize the list in alphabetical order according to the first letter beginning each entry. Normally, the author’s last name is the first part of each entry. If the author is unknown, alphabetize by the title of the book, article or web page (MLA Handbook 131-132).

                                                                                                                                                Doe 21

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