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History of Jacksonville, FL: Claude Nolan Cadillac Building

This guide contains information and resources about Jacksonville, Florida. Resource selections include books, eBooks, databases, images, video, and websites about multiple topics relating to Jacksonville, Florida.

Claude Nolan Cadillac Building

The Claude Nolan Cadillac building, located at 937 N. Main  Street, was one of the earliest car dealerships in  Jacksonville. Built in 1911-1912, it was designed by architect  Henry J. Klutho in the Prairie style. The facade was  completely redesigned in 1948 by W.A. Moore Jr. 







Image Courtesy J. Grey CC BY NC

Historic Photographs

Claude Nolan Cadillac Building

Claude Nolan Cadillac dealership - Jacksonville, Florida. 191-. Image Courtesy State Archives of Florida.

This photo essay from Abandoned Florida includes many images of the current interior.


This photo from 1925 of men posed in a Cadillac garage are likely mechanics and other employees of Claude Nolan. Image courtesy State Archives of Florida.

Prairie School Architecture

     Fallingwater (Kaufmann Residence) by Frank Lloyd Wright. Image Courtesy Wikipedia.

An architectural style usually which emphasized horizontal lines and the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Prairie School was popular in America during the late 19th and early 20th century. Itsmost famous proponent was Frank Lloyd Wright, both of who worked out of Chicago. You can read more about the Prairie School at this post on or this one from Log into your library account through to read more about Frank Lloyd Wright's life and career here.

History of Claude Nolan Cadillac

1908 Cadillac Model S runabout

Visit Claude Nolan Cadillac's website to read about the history of the company, then read this article (login to Library database required) about one of the first Cadillacs sold in Jacksonville, a 1908 Model S similar to the one pictured above. 

Curious about the history of the Cadillac company in general? This 2015 article from offers a timeline showing Cadillac's growth from its inception in 1902 until the present day.

Henry John Klutho

Born in Illinois, Henry John Klutho studied business in St. Louis, Missouri before becoming interested in architecture and moving to New York City. After reading about the 1901's Great Fire of Jacksonville in the New York Times, he moved south to take advantage of the city's newly blank canvas. You can read a bit about his life and his work in Jacksonville in this post from the Jacksonville Historical Society, or watch the video below in which local architect Robert Broward discusses his book,  The architecture of Henry John Klutho : the Prairie School in Jacksonville.


Portrait of Henry John Klutho, 19--. Image courtesy State Archives of Florida.

Klutho's Work in Jacksonville

Buildings in Jacksonville designed by architect Henry J. Klutho . 19--. Image Courtesy State Archives of Florida.