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Vision 2025 : Members Council on Library Services: Home

This guide is intended to spark discussion surrounding efforts by the academic libraries in Florida to create a shared vision for disruptive change and in higher education to improve student and faculty success.

Vision 2025

By 2025, Florida's Members Council on Library Services (MCLS), in collaboration with regional, state, federal, and private organizations, will be nationally recognized  as a leader in dramatically improving student and faculty success; in leading technological innovation in higher education; in reducing the cost of higher education for students and the state; and in the assessment and accountability of those vital efforts.


1) Provide a common set of innovative learning tools, resources and services that measurably improve student academic success and workforce preparation for all higher education students in Florida.

2) Reduce the cost of education by publishing and integrating a shared collection of cost effective, sustainable resources such as next generation textbooks, open educational resources, and information databases.

3) Foster a culture of research and teaching excellence by providing integrated platforms for open access publication and provide Florida faculty with grant funding opportunities to develop shared resources.

4) Investigate and integrate disruptive technologies in higher education such as artificial intelligence and  virtual reality that impact student and organizational success.

5) Be accountable to all stakeholders by integrating cutting edge assessment tools to collect and report usage of provided  resources and services and correlate to established metrics of success.

Why the Members Council on Library Services?

The Members Council on Library Services (MCLS) is the ONLY organization in Florida's higher education system that consistently collaborates across all organizational boundaries including the State University System (SUS), Florida College System (FCS), the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC), the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC), and other vital stakeholders such as Florida's State Library System.  

Complex issues in higher education such as textbook affordability,  open educational resource development, shared research and development, and technological innovation to improve student academic success cannot be addressed effectively by any single institution or division. These issues can only be effectively addressed through coordinated and collaborative efforts across all impacted organizations. The MCLS is the only organization in Florida that has a proven track record  of consistent, collaborative efforts across all higher education institutions. Simply put:  To be successful, the MCLS must take a strategic leadership role in fostering collaborative efforts for higher education innovation across the state of Florida. 

Examples of new resources and services

Student Academic Success
  • Provide on demand 24/7 Online tutoring support for all students.
  • Provide test preparation resources from pre-college through post graduate levels.
  • Provide access to Workforce preparation tools.
Reduce the cost of education
  • License/purchase publication rights and share free next-generation textbooks for all commonly enrolled AA level courses.
  • Develop, organize, and Integrate freely available online learning units  (OER) for courses to reduce course development costs.
  • Increase state-wide access to shared information databases and resources.
  • Incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) programs to provide personalized student academic experiences.
  • Develop, share, integrate and support virtual reality equipment and content into lesson plans.
  • Develop, share, integrate and support 3D printing content to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) 
Research and Development
  • Develop and integrate a robust shared research publication platform.
  • Provide grants/ stipends to Florida faculty to foster open content creation and publication in targeted disciplines
Assessment and Accountability
  • Integrate automated systems that closely monitor and report usage of resources and services.
  • Match usage data with institutional student success and retention data to identify correlations of operational success.