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Vision 2025 : Members Council on Library Services: Addressing Disruptive Change in Higher Education

This guide is intended to spark discussion surrounding efforts by the academic libraries in Florida to create a shared vision for disruptive change and in higher education to improve student and faculty success.

Disruptive Change in Higher Education

Because of stagnate student academic success rates; spiraling educational costs; changing international workforce needs; and revolutions in technological innovation, higher education in Florida and the nation must dramatically revision how the industry can meet current and future educational needs of students and faculty. 

Mary O'Hara-Devereaux, a leading visionary futurist in higher education, recently shared her perspectives which are provided here. Her perspectives help to clarify the complex, interdisciplinary needs for disruptive change that underpin the Vision 2025 initiative. 

Disruptive Change in Higher Education

Disruption: Postsecondary Education in a World that Won’t Resemble the Past by Mary O'Hara-Devereaux