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Skye Colbert – STEAM Lab
Associate of Arts

3D Design ♦ Python ♦ Robotics ♦ Office 365 ♦ Software and Hardware Configuration ♦ Information Security ♦ Networking ♦ Server Support Management ♦ Raspberry Pi ♦ Basic Arduino ♦ Windows/Max/Linux operating systems ♦ Scratch 1.4 and 2.0
T Hunt

Thomas Hunt – Math Lab
Associate of Arts

Statistics ♦ Elementary Algebra ♦ Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra ♦ Pre-Calculus ♦ Calculus I, II, III ♦ Proof Writing

Sunita Kapil – Math Lab
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Master of Science in Mathematics

Developmental Math ♦ Algebra ♦ Calculus I, II, III, Trigonometry ♦ Business Calculus ♦ Statistics, Math for Liberal Arts ♦ Differential Equations  ♦ Financial Accounting.

Dora K. – Foreign Language Lab
Bachelor in Translation and Interpretation, Bachelor of Art in Spanish, Bachelor of Art in French, Master of Education in Spanish

All levels of French and Spanish
Miguel Martinez – Math Lab
Associate of Science

Statistics ♦ Elementary Algebra ♦ Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra ♦ Pre-Calculus ♦ Calculus I, II, III ♦ Physics  ♦ Chemistry
Liem Nguyen – Math Lab
Associate of Arts

College Algebra ♦ Pre-Calculus ♦ Trigonometry ♦ Calculus I, II, III ♦ Differential Equations ♦ Physics I and II ♦ Intro to Chemistry and Chemistry I

David Princehorn – Math and Science Lab
Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, Master of Arts Degree in Teaching (mathematics)

Mathematics – Basic Math ♦ Elementary Algebra ♦ Intermediate Algebra ♦ College Algebra ♦ Pre-Calculus ♦ Trigonometry ♦ Statistics ♦ Topics in Mathematics (MGF1106/7) ♦ Business Calculus ♦ Calculus I,II,III, ♦ Differential Equations.

Science – Chemistry I,II ♦ Physics I,II (both algebra and calculus based) ♦ Earth and Space Science ♦ Astronomy.
Deshawn Thomas – Writing Lab
Associate of Arts

General Paper Review ♦ Citation ♦ Composition ♦ Literature ♦ Business Writing

Allie Tween – Computer Lab

Associate of Science - Computer Information Technology
B.F.A. Music Performance 
A+ Certification 
Technical Certificate in Technology Support Specialist 

Software + Hardware Configuration ♦ Office 365 ♦ Windows/Mac/Linux – (including CLI) ♦ Networking/Cisco ♦ Information Security ♦ Basic Python/Java Programming ♦ Project Management/ System Analysis ♦ Troubleshooting

Lisa VanZwoll – Writing Lab
Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Arts-French Literature,
Doctor of Philosophy-French, Certificate in Women's Studies, Juris Doctor-Law

Writing (all disciplines and levels)