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Library and Learning Commons Staff Development Day: 2019 Workshop Summaries and Presenter Information

Staff Development Day 2019

Summaries for Round 1 Workshops

“Strategies for Providing Outstanding Frontline Library Support, Room A2105

Presenter: Sharon Uskokovich, Librarian

How can we provide outstanding support for each patron we encounter? By delivering library service that is customer-friendly and efficient. This session will explore how we can improve our patrons’ experience at their first point of contact—the Circulation/Reference Desk.

“The Latest and the Greatest: Leveraging the New Databases to Support Student Success,” Room A2107

Presenter:  Mary Dumbleton, Librarian

Learn about some of the latest library databases, such as Academic WriterThe Big Interview, and Gale’s Chemistry, and how they can be used to support student success.

“Name That LLC Policy:  Case Studies,” Room B1204 (Small Academy Room)

Presenters: Nick Bodnar, Library and Learning Commons Manager & Tia Esposito, Librarian

This moderated workshop will provide multiple real-life cases of faculty and student interactions in the LLC that pertain to LLC Handbook Policies. Participants will uncover multiple methods of analyzing the situation, share their perspectives, and offer solutions to foster engaging discussion.

“More Than a Closet:The Evolution of the FSCJ Archive, ” Room A1106

Presenter: Jennifer Grey, Public Services Coordinator

Did you know that FSCJ has its own archive? If not, don’t worry – until two years ago, neither did anybody else. Join LLC Public Services Coordinator Jennifer Grey to learn how the archive grew from one forgotten file cabinet to a searchable online site filled with thousands of pages about FSCJ’s history. This session will cover the current contents of both the physical and online archive, plans for its future growth, and a discussion of how you and your patrons might use the archive.

“Math and Science Tutoring Experiences with Online Teaching/Learning Platforms,” Room A1107

Presenters:  Sunita Kapil, Academic Tutor & Dave Princehorn, Academic Tutor

This workshop will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences using online math and science learning platforms such as MyMathLab, LabsPlus/ChemLabs, ALEKS, Wiley, and Lumen.We will also discuss how to help students identify and explore study resources incorporated into these platforms.

“Study Habits 101: Scratching the Surface,” Room A1105

Presenter:  Michael Grainger, Academic Tutor

Many students who come into the LLC lack the fundamental knowledge of how to study or how to be a good student. Therefore, they frequently go through their college careers without ever developing such techniques. This workshop will focus on how tutors can, during the course of a normal tutoring session, help students begin to develop good study habits, become more effective learners, and become independent learners.

Summaries for Round 2 Workshops

“Using Arc to Create Video Content,” A1104

Presenter: Steven Gunter, Faculty Development Specialist

This class will cover the basics of how to navigate, record, caption, upload, and share your videos in Arc.  Arc is a great tool for engagement and collaboration for all faculty, staff, and students.

“More Success, Less Stress:  Productivity Strategies to Achieve Your Goals,” Room A2106

Presenter: Susan Mythen, Library and Learning Commons Manager

Are you ready to put your plans into action? Do you have a goal you’d like to accomplish or a project you’re working on? Maybe you’d like some strategies for staying ahead of your to-do list? Get unstuck with a few tools to help you put your thoughts into action. We’ll talk about calendar blocking, task management, and rethinking the to-do list.

“Moments of Tranquility: An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation,” Room A2105

Presenter: Michael Turnquist, Library and Learning Commons Manager

The cultivation of Mindfulness brings clarity and perspective to any activity we engage in. In serving our students, and in working together as a team to meet our department goals, the practice of mindfulness and tranquility helps us to cultivate discernment as well as patience. Participants will learn the psychology behind and actual practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

“FSCJ Grant Projects in Support of Student Success,” A1105

Presenter: Jennifer Peterson,  Director of Resource Development

FSCJ Resource Development seeks and obtains external funds for the support of new and existing programs that will improve student achievement. Come learn about some of the exciting grant programs being implemented at the College and share your ideas for future initiatives.

“myIMPACT SMART Goals and IDP Development,” A1106

Presenter: Martina Perry, Associate Director of Training and Organizational Development

In this session participants will learn the basics of writing job-specific goals using the SMART Goal model. Participants will also gain tools to assist in the creation of their Individual Development Plan.

Summaries for Featured Presentations

“Using the Power of Pivot Tables to Analyze Data,” A2106

Presenter: Dawn Washington, Library and Learning Commons Manager

In this session, participants will learn how to transform large data sets into graphs and charts using Excel Pivot Tables. Pivot Tables provide an easy way to analyze data without having to go through the process of making individual graphs for each data set.  Participants will also learn how to combine all of the data into an interactive dashboard.

LGBTQ Safe Spaces and the LLC,” A1105

Presenter: Dr. Lisa Van Zwoll, Academic Tutor

There is a large and vibrant LGBTQ community at FSCJ, and it is important to increase the support the College is providing. This is crucial in high touch areas such as the LLCs where staff encounter all of our students daily.  This session will include an interactive discussion and activity focused on how to create a supportive environment for LGBTQ students. Support resources will be provided.

“Using Vision Boards to Define and Achieve Goals,” B1204 (Large Academy Room)

Presenter: Trina McCowan, Library and Learning Commons Manager

All employees are being encouraged to identify and work towards institutional and personal goals.  This presentation will help people to identify their goals (personal and/or professional) while teaching them how to create a visual representation of the goal achievement process.

“iTech and STEM Lab Technology,” Room G2716

Presenters: Skye Colbert, Ryan Mullings, Academic Tutor, Emily O’Neil, Librarian

This hands-on workshop will begin with a little background on the beginnings of the STEM labs and provide mini-lessons on using the excellent technology that is available for our students to explore. Attendees will have time to try some of the technology for themselves and exchange ideas for future projects for student engagement.

“Using the True Colors Personality Assessment to Understand Yourself and Foster Teamwork,” B1204 (Small Academy Room)

Presenter: Dr. Carla Jenkins, Assessment and Certification Center Manager

This session engages participants in an interactive exploration of personalities, by helping them learn about themselves and others through True Colors. Through various activities, participants take part in self-reflection, team projects, and group discussion. Participants will determine their True Colors spectrum, learn about their dominant color, and gain the opportunity to consider how personality affects all the interactions in their lives. Participants will receive True Colors cards to keep and reference after the session.