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Reading: Purple Belt Practice

Dr. Stoutmorrill's Campus Innovation Project for the Kellogg Institute


ninja on laptop Purple Belt Practice  

 Image by Paul Diaconu from Pixabay 

Purple Belt Greek & Latin Roots/Bases

Vocabulary is an important part of reading comprehension. Understanding a root or “base” helps learners find meaning in unfamiliar words. The key is to use the roots to help “unlock” the meaning of an unfamiliar word in the context of a passage.

Purple Belt Flashcards

When the author's purpose is to persuade, it is important for readers to understand the language for recognizing and mapping an argument.

Right-click on "View this study set" to open flashcards in a new Quizlet tab. Choose a Study Mode to change flash cards to a Matching game. Click on the Options icon to change how you view the answer (e.g. by term, definition, or both).

To hear audio, either click on the icon, or click on the term and definition.