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STEAM Labs: Technology & Equipment

Equipment and workshop information about about the Library and Learning Commons STEAM Labs at Deerwood Center, Downtown Campus, North Campus and South Campus.


Getting Started

Welcome to our STEAM labs guide!


Come in to learn how gaining technology skills can be a fun, creative adventure!


All students are welcome in the STEAM room as it is meant for beginners and advanced makers alike.  

This is a safe place to experiment and explore your creativity. 
Only your imagination and skills limit you but those can grow stronger and better with practice!

Click on the tabs above to learn about the different resources available and links to a wide range of projects

Important Guidelines

Important guidelines:

  • All items must be scanned for in library use with the LLC staff member. 


    Raspberry Pi Foundation logo



What does STEAM stand for?

Wondering what STEAM stands for? 


A STEAM room is like a makerspace where all sorts of creators and creations are welcome.  


The term makerspace can cover a lot of different places as this quote explains:


Makerspaces, Fab Labs, Hackerspaces - these are all monikers for today's new hubs of community creation and learning. They are places to invent, tinker, build, and explore among like-minded individuals and fellow enthusiasts.  They are as much about the tools and equipment found therein as they are about the spirit of creativity and pursuit of knowledge that encompasses them.

Burke, John. Makerspaces : A Practical Guide for Librarians. vol. Second edition, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2018. Practical Guides for Librarians. EBSCOhost,  Accessed 29 Aug 2018.
emphasis added


Available tools/resources to use in the STEAM room:

  • 3D Printers

  • 3D Pens

  • Raspberry Pi with mini keyboard kits

  • Arduino kits

  • Robotic kits

  • Accessory kits to use with both Raspberry Pi and Arduino

  • Podcasting microphones & headphones

  • Photography light boxes

  • Tools