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STEAM Labs: Robotics

Equipment and workshop information about about the Library and Learning Commons STEAM Labs at Deerwood Center, Downtown Campus, North Campus and South Campus.

Robotic Kits

Math - Pre Calculus with Professor Eschen

  • These videos will help you use the Sphero BOLT and complete your project.
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How to Use the Sphero BOLT for Your Project


How to Use BOLT Data in Microsoft Excel

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Image result for sphero bolt Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball. 

This kit can teach students how to create games, how to have multiple robots interact with one another, and how to program using drawing, Scratch blocks, and JavaScript.





Image result for lego boost


Lego Boost is a kit that lets you make five robots, one at a time. That’s because the “brains” of each robot is the Move Hub, a little box covered in Lego bricks. It contains the batteries, the Bluetooth chip that communicates with your tablet, and a friendly green power button. Lego boost also comes with a play mat you can use to help you design your programs.  

This kit helps students learn to code and program while they are having fun with robots.







The mBot Ranger is an advanced version of the mBot robot that comes with 3 preset forms. 
The kit is a great way to get started with robotics in construction, operation, and programming. 









OOSYOO Robot Car kit has all the components to make an IR remote-control car.                  This kit is another example of how someone could get involved with simple robotics. 








Image result for sparki Sparki is a robot whose operation can help you with block-based or C++ programming. Students can teach Sparki to solve its own problems logically. This kit can help students learn programming, electronics, and problem-solving.  






LittleBits consists of small circuit boards with specific functions.  The bits are built to snap together with magnets without soldering, wiring, or programming. Each one has its own specific function, such as light, sound, sensors, or buttons This kit can help students prototype and think through the projects they are designing.






What exactly is robotics?