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This guide contains access points to mathematics books, databases, videos, e-resources for college students.

Math Guide Home Page

 image of math equations Math

Image sources:  Mathematics formula by pixabay user geralt Used under CC0 

This guide is an access point to a sampling of mathematics resources for college students including books, e-books, videos, study guides, databases, and other e-resources and tools. For a direct index of EHB Explains videos, select the EHB Explains Master Video Index tab at the top left of the page.

Math Videos

EHB explains, each video relates to a specific topic in math to help students "through the tough parts...math is hard enough as it is, so hopefully these videos will make it a bit easier for you."

Elementary Algebra (MAT 0028)

Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033)

College Algebra (MAC 1105)

Developmental/Basic Math

These and other video series are indexed in this guide to help students locate the specific content they are looking for.

Online Catalog/Library Databases

This page shows a sampling of a myriad of resources. ​Search the catalog in the online catalog through this gateway. Scan or click QR code to enter virtual library