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Library Information: Interlibrary Loan

Can't Find the Item You Are Looking For? We Can Borrow It From Another Library For You!

Looking for a material that the FSCJ library doesn't own? Ask a librarian to get it for you from another library.

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service the library offers which allows you to request items (books, DVDs, photocopies of articles, etc.) from other colleges and universities, public libraries, or other institutions.

The Great Things About Interlibrary Loan: Since we have libraries and institutions all across the country to pull from, we can get almost anything. We obviously can't guarantee that all loan requests will be successful since potential lenders have the right to say no (it is their item, after all), but we can usually find someone willing to loan to us. And Interlibrary Loan is free! (Unless you lose the item. Just like anything you check out from FSCJ, you are financially responsible for ILL titles you borrow.)

The Slightly-less-Great Things About Interlibrary Loan: Interlibrary loan does not offer instant gratification. Most loans take at least a week to arrive, and some can take much longer depending upon how many institutions we have to request the item from before we find a willing lender and the distance it has to be shipped to get to us. However, if you plan ahead a bit, ILL can be a great resource. Another thing to keep in mind: we cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep the item for as long as you want. Lenders have set amounts of time they are willing to loan items. Check your due dates, and don't assume that just because we successfully filled the loan for you that you'll be able to keep it for a full month/term/year/lifetime.

So where do I start?

You should always start your search with the library catalog. From the catalog, not only can you locate items owned by FSCJ, you can request items from any of the 28 Florida colleges with whom we're affiliated.

Here's how to place an interlibrary loan request through the library catalog:
Before you do anything else, you need to log in to myFSCJ in order to access the library catalog. See video instructions below or follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your myFSCJ account.
  • Choose either the "Students" or "Resources" tab.
  • Select "Library and Learning Commons" under "Useful Links" to the right for "Students" tab; for "Resources" tab selection, scroll down to click on "Library Catalog."
  • Your name should show in the upper right corner of the library catalog. (If "Guest" is there, choose the "Log-in" option. For log in info at this point, please see


1) In the dropdown box immediately next to the Search button, select All 28 Colleges. The default is Florida State College. If you leave it set there, only results owned by FSCJ will be returned by the search.

2) Enter the information about the item you wish to borrow (title, author, ISBN, etc.) in the search field. The more information you enter, the narrower your search parameters will be and fewer (and more specific) results will be returned. You can use the Limit To dropdown box to specify a particular type of item (book, eBook, etc.) if you so choose.

If you've done all of that, click Search.

Check the search results to locate the item you're interested in.

Click the Details tab underneath the result title to open up more information about the item to help you decide if it's what you're interested in borrowing.

If you're looking for a textbook, Details will be where you can locate the specific edition to see if it's the correct one for you.

Once you've identified which item you're interested in, check to see where it's available.


If you see the name of an FSCJ campus listed, that means the college owns a copy and you should try to request that one. Items coming
from another FSCJ campus library come much faster than items being sent by another institution.  (See below for how to do that.)

If you see a line that says Available in Other College Libraries, that means FSCJ does not own the item and you'll need to request it through
InterLibrary Loan. Go to Step Five to see how.

So what do you do if the item is owned by one or more FSCJ campus?

Click on the Request Item tab.

Use the Select Pickup Location dropdown menu to choose which campus at which you would like to pick your item up. Then click Hold.

The system will let you know if your request was successfully placed.


If the specific item you're interested in does not appear anywhere in the 28 colleges, stop here and follow the directions in the "What if that didn't work?" box below, which will help you place an OCLC Interlibrary Loan Request.  Please note: many OCLC ILL loans come from out of state, and can longer to arrive.

If your item is not available at any of the FSCJ libraries, place an ILL request for it.

Click the Locations tab to open up details about where the item is held. Check the list of available copies to make sure that they are copies
 in Circulation and that they show as being Available. Copies that show as Reserve are ones the owning library will not allow to leave the
building, so requesting them will only result in a refusal. Copies that show as Not Available are checked out by other patrons, and might take
 a while to become available.


Click the Request tab. For items not owned by any FSCJ campus, the only request option available will be for Interlibrary Loan.
If you're requesting an item that is owned by FSCJ but has no copies currently available, you'll need to specifically click on
Interlibrary Loan.

The system displays what your patron record says is your Home Campus. If the listing is incorrect, use the dropdown menu
to change it.

Use the calendar to indicate when you need the item by. NOTE: Most institutions have a setting which automatically rejects loans
that are put in with a Need By date less than their standard shipping time, so you want to give a date that's at least seven days out.

Putting in a request for an item and saying you need it three days from now will actually ensure your loan takes longer to process,
since the first request will be automatically refused by lenders and you'll have to put in another one with a reasonable lead time.

Click Continue.


A new screen will open which looks almost identical.  Make sure that your Home Campus and Need By date are still correct,
then use the dropdown menu to select your Pickup Location, which is the FSCJ campus at which you would prefer to pick
your item up.

Click Continue.


A message will appear reminding you that ILL does not provide instantaneous gratification, and that your item will take at least a few
days to arrive. Click Request to acknowledge.


A message will appear letting you know that your request has been successfully submitted.

You can track the progress of your ILL.

Click on My Account at the top right of the library's search screen.


The default screen that opens will show items that you currently have checked out. Click on My Requests to see your active ILL requests.

Find the title you requested on the list, and then check the Status. Your request could show as Waiting for Processing, Shipped, or Locate Failed.
Locate Failed means the request was unsuccessul.

At the far right under Actions, you also have the option to Cancel your ILL request if you decide you no longer need the item.


Once your ILL item arrives at the selected campus, the staff there will contact you. We frequently use your student email, so be sure to check that regularly.


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But what if I need it NOW?

As we've mentioned, interlibrary loan does not offer immediate gratification. Loan requests generally take at least a week, and sometimes much longer. If you need something today (or tomorrow, or two days from now) and there's nothing in any of FSCJ's libraries that can help, here are a couple of alternate suggestions:

Jacksonville Public Library

The Jacksonville Publlic Library has twenty-one different branches spread all across Jacksonville. If you have a library card with JPL, you can request items through their catalog and have them delivered to the branch nearest your house for you to pick up. If you don't have a library card with JPL (or your account is blocked for unpaid fines), you will not be able to request items or check anything out, but you can still visit whatever branch owns the item you're interested in and look at it there.

Univeristy of North Florida Library

We frequently request items from UNF's library via ILL, but that takes a few days. If you need something immediately, you can go to UNF directly and check the item out. FSCJ has what's called a reciprocal lending agreement with all of the other public colleges and universities in Florida, which means that as an FSCJ student you can go to any public college or university (in Jacksonville, that means UNF) and check out books using your FSCJ library account. Keep in mind that your account with FSCJ must be in good standing for this to work - if you have overdue or lost items or you're not currently enrolled, you're not going to be able to borrow from UNF, though you could still look at their items there.

Word of warning: parking at UNF requires a purchasing a daily parking pass ($5, they accept cash or credit) if you want to park there M-Th 7a-8p or Friday 7a-5pm. Parking is free from 5pm Friday until 7am Monday (in other words, over the weekend), unless they're having a special event. (You can check to see if they have an event scheduled on their Master Calendar.)

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