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eBook/eAudiobook/eJournal Usage and Policies: Home

Basic introduction to eBooks and summary of eBook/eJournal usage policies.

FSCJ eBooks & eAudiobooks

The FSCJ Library and Learning Commons has a virtual treasure trove of online content! Current students, faculty, and staff of FSCJ have access to eBook (electronic book), eAudiobook (electronic audiobooks), and eJournal (electronic periodical) content via the library catalog. Watch the quick video on this page, "Searching for Resources in FSCJ's Library Portal, or see the pdf documents below for instructions on how to access eBooks and eAudiobooks. In addition, the tabs above have information on specific eBook/eJournal vendors (Ebsco, Gale, etc..).

Usage policies (loan periods, renewals, and number of users) vary by vendor.  Please see vendor boxes below for usage information and links to vendor FAQs or user guides.

  • Most eBooks (and audiobooks) permit only 5 users at a time. Viewing online & downloads (checkouts) are considered simultaneous usage. 
  • In order to download or borrow an eBook, users need to create a My EBSCOhost Account and have the EBSCO Mobile App or Adobe Digital Editions installed on the device being used. (You should not need an account or additional software simply to view EPUB or PDF full text content on your desktop.) Click here to find out how to create an EBSCO account. For more information on Adobe Digital Editions, click here. For info on the EBSCO Mobile App, click here.
  • If you wish to "close" a viewed eBook to make it available to other users, click the Result List, New Search, Back, or Exit links in the eBook Viewer. If an eBook is left “open” in a browser window but is no longer being used, then the eBook becomes available to other users after the last user’s EBSCOhost session expires (30 minutes, by default) and the system confirms that they haven’t used the title in 5 minutes (for a total of up to 35 minutes).
  • Users can choose from a 1 to 16 day checkout period. 
  • eBooks and audiobooks cannot be renewed. However, if there are no holds placed on an eBook, it may be checked out by the same user again.
  • When a user downloads an eBook, he/she may check it back in before the end of the loan period, using Adobe Digital Editions software. For more information, see How to Check in eBooks
  • Audiobooks cannot be checked back in before the loan period is up, due to the type of file audiobooks utilize.
  • Yes, you can "bookmark" pages when using the EBSCO Mobile App (click within these words) and when reading on your desktop!  When reading on your desktop, click on the "Create Note" icon to the right and follow the instructions for bookmarks and annotation.

For more in depth info, visit the eBook Accessibility User Guide and FAQs here.

  • Unlimited user access
  • O'Reilly app needed for mobile use.
  • Printing is available only through the user's browser controls.
  • Users can copy, highlight, and share book information through email, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Read the LibGuide below for more information:
  • Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • There are no check-in or check-outs, so no special readers or software are required.
  • Articles/chapters within eBooks are downloadable and printable, and there are no limits per book title on these actions. Watch the videos in the link below for more user information.
  • Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Users do not have an option to download the entire book. They can print and save articles to their folder within the Salem platform.
  • There is not a limit to the number of articles per book users can print and download. However, the database only prints 1 article at a time.
  • Sage: Unlimited simultaneous users, and users may print and download articles.  There is no limit to the number of articles per journal that users can print. There may be a fee to download some articles: if so, check out these instructions. Unfortunately, the option to download an entire journal issue is not available for users.
  • Springer: Unlimited simultaneous users. More than one person at a time can access an article, chapter, protocol etc. There is no print option for this content, so users must download the article in order to be printed. There is no limit to downloaded articles per issue for each user. For more access questions, visit Springer support.
  • Wiley:  Unlimited simultaneous users. Users are allowed to access 5 years of content (broken down as 4 years of back issues + 1 year that the article was purchased). There are no restrictions on number of articles per title a user may download. There may be restrictions to number of articles per title a user may print. For more info, visit the Wiley Online User Guide here

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