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Contacts: LLC Contacts

LLC Directors and Managers

Library and Learning Commons Executive Dean, Directors, and Managers

Name Title, Location Email Telephone
Tom Messner Executive Dean, and Director, South Campus 646-2175
Shannon Dew Director of Online Library Services 997-2716
Youlanda Henry Director of Tutoring Services 766-6765
Susan Mythen Director of Campus Library Services 381-3626
Nick Bodnar LLC Manager, Downtown Campus 361-6229
Jennifer Grey Public Services Coordinator (based at South) 646-2236
Trina McCowan LLC Manager, South Campus 646-2081
Dawn Washington LLC Manager, North Campus 766-6633
Peggi Patrick Library Manager, Deerwood Center 997-2608
Madeline Sims Library Technical Services Program Coordinator (based at Deerwood) 997-2666
Anthony Yertzell Library Manager, Cecil Center 779-4135
Michael Turnquist LLC Manager, Kent Campus 381-3525


LLC Full-Time Librarians

Library and Learning Commons Full-Time Librarians

Name Location Email Telephone
Sheri Brown Downtown Campus 633-8414
Mary Dumbleton North Campus 766-6715
Emily O'Neil Deerwood Center 997-2969
Lea Cason South Campus 646-2156
Vacant Nassau Center Vacant 548-4468
Sharon Uskokovich Kent Campus 381-3670