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Climate Change and Global Warming

This guide presents a wide variety of credible resources about climate change and global warming.


"While Earth’s climate is constantly changing in various ways, the planet tends to experience long-term trends toward either warming or cooling. The potential or actual contribution of postindustrial human activity to climate change, the consequences of that contribution, and the proper response to those consequences remain matters of crucial importance and significant controversy.". - SourceSalem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2019, 3p.

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Anthropocene Carbon Footprint Climate Change Climate Science
Environmental Justice Climate Skeptic Environmental Conservation Fossil Fuels
Global Warming Ocean Acidification Climate Change Mitigation Sea-Level Rise

Anthropocene Defined


an-thruh-puh-seen, an-throp-uh ]

noting or pertaining to a proposed epoch of the Quarternary Period, occurring in the present time, since mid-20th century, when human activity began to effect significant environmental consequences, specifically on ecosystems and climate.
the Anthropocene Epoch.


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