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Artificial Intelligence

AI is not new

  • 1945  Vannevar Bush wrote about the concept of “A system which amplifies people’s own knowledge and understanding” in his essay "As We May Think"
  • 1950 Alan Turning worked with primitive forms of A.I.
  • 1956 Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) term was conceive by John McCarthy

AI test

  Artificial Intelligence


AI   is complicated to define. Vannevar Bush in 1945 defined it as “A system which amplifies people’s own knowledge and understanding.” You can read more on the definition of (AI) in this IBM article

ML is a subset of AI “Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.” – Andrew Ng


DL  is a subset of machine learning. It drives many artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This article explains the difference of AI, ML, and DL.

Zhang, B. (2023).  A Friendly Introduction of Artificial Intelligence for Academic Library Settings. 

ChatGPT FAQ Page - The makers of ChatCPT provide answers to commonly asked questions. 

Open AI terms of use