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Tutoring Services: Campus Tutoring

Campus Tutoring Overview

Campus-Based Tutoring

Campus-based tutoring is available at all LLC locations. The LLCs use the myGradPlan system to manage campus-based tutoring. Students may preschedule campus-based appointments or drop in for a tutoring appointment at one of the LLC's campus locations. The myGradPlan appointment booking system is user-specific. The appointment booking link that appears on this page (blue link below) will take you directly into the myGradPlan system so that you can schedule a campus-based tutoring appointment. Use your FSCJ credentials to log in. For a demonstration of how to navigate the booking system, please view this how-to video.

Please click on the link below to preschedule a campus-based tutoring appointment using the myGradPlan system. 

Click This Link to Schedule a Campus-Based Tutoring Appointment

If you would like to opt for a drop-in, the appointment scheduling link above will allow you to view staff availability for drop-ins by campus location. 

There is also an access link for myGradPlan in the myFSCJ portal.  To access the system via this route, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into myFSCJ.
  2. Click on the myGradPlan tile in the Student Center.


Note for Faculty and Staff:  The appointment booking link that is provided on this page is designed for student access. If faculty and staff users attempt to access the system through this link, they will receive an error message. myGradPlan is a role-driven system. The only system users who are currently configured to search for appointment availability are student users and selected staff in the advising and tutoring areas. Faculty and staff who wish to help students locate available tutoring appointments may direct students to the how-to video that appears on this page so that they can see a demonstration of how to navigate the system. A faculty user role that is currently activated gives faculty the ability to retrieve activity reports for students who are enrolled in their courses. This faculty access point is on the Useful Links tile on the Faculty Center screen in myFSCJ.

Need Help?

Need help?  For assistance with tutoring resources or services, please feel free to contact a member of the LLC's leadership and management team.

Cecil Center

Julie Miller, Library Manager

(904) 779-4135

Deerwood Center

Peggi Patrick, LLC Manager

(904) 997-2669

Downtown Campus

Nicholas Bodnar, LLC Manager

(904) 361-6229

Kent Campus

Phil Arroyo, LLC Manager

(904) 381-3525

Nassau Center

Alexa Sanders, Library Manager

(904) 548-4468

North Campus

Anthony Yertzell, LLC Manager

(904) 766-6633

South Campus

Dr. Youlanda Henry, Director, Academic Support

(904) 766-6765