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APA Style 6th Edition: Books

Quick reference guide for APA Style rules


Book  [APA Manual, p.202-203]

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year of publication). Title of book: Capitalize first letter in subtitle. Place 

     of publication: Publisher.


Matsumoto, D. R., Frank, M. G., & Hwang, H. S. (2013). Nonverbal communication: Science and applications. Los

     Angeles, CA: Sage.

In-text: (Matsumoto, Frank, & Hwang, 2013) [Parenthetical format, first citation in text]

             (Matsumoto et al., 2013) [Parenthetical format, subsequent citations in text]

             Matsumoto, Frank, and Hwang (2013) [First citation in text}

             Matsumoto et. al. (2013) [Subsequent citations in text]


Book Article or Chapter [APA Manual, p. 204]

 Author, A. (Year of publication). Article or chapter title: Capitalize first letter in subtitle. In A. Editor,

      B. Editor (Eds.), Book title: Capitalize first letter in subtitle (ed.#,  pp.#). Place of publication: Publisher.


Fraga, B. (2012). Cyberbullying is a serious problem for youth. In N. Berlastsky (Ed.), Media violence (pp. 63-69). Detroit, MI:

     Greenhaven Press.

In-text: (Frage, 2012) or Fraga (2012)


Edited Book – [APA Manual, p.202-203]

Editor, A. (Ed.). (Year of publication). Title of book: Capitalize first letter in subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher.


Brockman, J. (Ed.), (2014). What should we be worried about?: Real scenarios that keep scientists up at night. New York, NY:

     Harper Perennial.

In-text:  (Brockman, 2014) or Brockman (2014)


 Electronic version of print book      [APA Manual, p.203]

Author, A. (Year of  publication). Title of book: Capitalize the first letter in subtitle [version].

       Retrieved from http:/www.address


Phipps, R. (2012). Body language: It's what you don't say that matters. [Books24x7 version]. Retrieved from: 

In-text:  (Phipps, 2012) or Phipps (2012)