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This guide will help faculty find resources about the Canvas migration and how to link to library content within their Canvas course.

Library Orientation

Online Library Instruction Services:

Add a Librarian to your Canvas course using the "Librarian Role"

With most classes primarily online, librarians can be added to your online course using the Canvas “Librarian” role.  This allows a librarians to collaborate with faculty and communicate with students directly in the course.  The “Librarian” role is basically a student role with permissions to create ungraded discussion posts and use Canvas conferences.  Using conferences the librarian can offer library instruction and drop-in office hours. For more information or to request a librarian to be added to your course, use the links on this page or contact a librarian directly.

Invite a librarian to your online class

A librarian can drop in on your online class to do a demonstration on researching and library access.  These sessions can be recorded for future use. 

Student self-directed library instructional resources

  • Online library scavenger hunt - This self-directed activity will guide students as they apply the basic research skills that are usually introduced in face-to-face library instruction.
  • A library tutorial/assessment  - This is a content-rich stand alone module that can be customized and embedded in your Canvas classroom.
  • Library instructional videos - ‚ÄčThe LLC has short videos on various topics that can be embedded in your Canvas classroom for students to view.
  • We can prerecord a customized video for your class.  

Schedule Workshops and Presentations

Please contact a librarian or use the links below for help with library instruction in your online course. 







Please use these widgets to schedule a Tutor Visit or Study Skills Workshop for your students.