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Preparing for the Florida Civic Literacy Examination: Home - FL Civic Literacy Exam and Graduation Requirements

This guide provides resources and study materials for Florida's Civic Literacy Competency Requirements.


                            Welcome to the Preparing for the Florida Civic Literacy Examination Library Guide! This guide provides information about FSCJ's Civic Literacy competency exam as well as resources to help you study for the exam.  More detailed information about the exam can be found through FSCJ's Office of Assessment and Certification.   


Civic Literacy requirement applies to the following students:


Catalog Year

Student Type

Degree Type


2018-2019 through  2020-2021

First-time-in-college students

Associate of Arts (A.A.), Baccalaureate  

Pass a course

Pass an assessment 

2021-2022 and after

Entering a Florida College System

Associate of Arts (A.A.), Baccalaureate

Pass a course

Pass an assessment 

2022-2023 and after*

Entering Florida College System

Associate in Science (A.S.)

Pass a course

Pass an assessment 


Per Section 1007.25 of the Florida Statutes

Per rule 6A-10.02413, Florida Administrative Code

Florida Department of Education Postsecondary Civics Literacy

*The FDOE anticipates entering into rule development to add the Civic Literacy requirement as a condition of A.S. degree completion coinciding with general education changes specified in HB 1507

Competency Requirements Options

There are a few options you can choose towards meeting the course and the assessment requirements:

1. Course Requirements Successfully passing one of the following:

  •  AMH 2020 (Introductory Survey Since 1877)
  • POS 2041 (American Government)

2. Civic Literacy assessment options and standard scores:

  • Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE)  - Score of 48 (or higher) out of 80 (at least a 60%)
  • CLEP American Government  - Score of 50 (or higher) out of 80
  • AP Government and Politics: United States - Score of 3 (or higher) out of 5
  • AP United States History - Score of 4 (or higher) out of 5

FAQ’s on Civic Literacy Graduation Requirement

Is Civic Literacy a graduation requirement?
Yes. A student seeking an AA or baccalaureate will have to demonstrate competency prior to being awarded a degree.

Who is exempt from meeting the Florida Civic Literacy Competency requirement?
If the exam used as the basis of awarding of credit is in Rule 6A-10.02413, F.A.C., (e.g., AP and CLEP) the student would be considered as having met both the course and the assessment civic literacy competency.

How will students take the Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE)?
Students will take the Florida Civic Literacy Examination by scheduling an appointment with the Assessment Center. In addition, the examination, which will be proctored, will be administered via a computer-based testing platform developed by Cambium Assessment, Inc. Remote testing and proctoring options will likely become available as well.

How can students prepare for the Florida Civic Literacy Examination?
Cambium Assessment, Inc. plans to provide test preparation resources for students by the 2022 Spring Term. Students will be able to prepare for the test by completing practice exercises and tests available on the FSCJ Assessment web page and in this guide.

What is the re-take policy for students?
Students will be able to re-take the exam 30 days after an unsuccessful attempt. This policy is under review and may change.

What are the required Civic Literacy competencies?
• Understanding of the basic principles and practices of American democracy and how they
are applied in our form of government (U.S. Government and Politics)
• Understanding of the United States Constitution and its application (U.S. Constitution)
• Knowledge of the founding documents and how they have shaped the nature and functions of our institutions of self-governance (Founding Documents)
• Understanding of landmark Supreme Court cases, landmark legislation, and landmark executive actions and their impact on law and society (Supreme Court Cases or landmark legislation and landmark executive actions)

How does the Civic Literacy requirement apply to high school students?
High school students enrolled in a U.S. Government course must take a civic literacy assessment. Students who pass the assessment will be exempt from the civic literacy competency assessment when they enter a Florida College System (FCS) or State University System (SUS) institution. However, these students will still need to fulfill the post-secondary civic literacy course requirement

FSCJ Civic Literacy Courses