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AMH 2070: The History of Florida

A useful guide to AMH 2070.

John Bartram's Travels

“John Bartram’s Travels on the St. Johns River, 1765-1766,” Florida History Online (be sure to scroll past the image of the green heron) 

Yaupon Holly (Black Tea)

Yaupon growing in the wild in east Texas. This evergreen holly was once valuable to Native American

tribes in the Southeastern U.S., which made a brew from its caffeinated leaves.

Murray Carpenter for NPR

Click on the image above to learn about America's native tea plant.

Bartram's Ixia

Bartram's Ixia only grows in Northeast Florida and blooms in my by sunrise and then dies by 11 am.

Bartram's Travels

“Bartram’s Travels: America’s First Naturalist Explores Where Angels Fear to Tread,” American History (February 2012) 42-49.

Click on the link above to read an article from the library. This article is an excerpt from Bartram’s famous book and several images that he drew. Note: he uses the words crocodile and alligator interchangeably

Panton Leslie

Panton, Leslie & Company headquarters in Pensacola, Florida. Courtesy State of Florida Division of Library and Information Services

Click on the link above to learn more about Panton Leslie from the National Archives. Gathered from public and private collections, and United States, Spanish, and British government archives, this comprehensive edition of approximately 10,000 documents reflects the activities of the firm whose widely dispersed trading posts conducted most of the commerce with Indian tribes of the Southeast during the late 18th century.

Seminole Tribe Ahaya Cowkeeper

Click on the image above to read more about Ayaha.