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AMH 2070: The History of Florida

A useful guide to AMH 2070.

Shadows of the Past: Mysteries from Florida History

Santa Elena

(Source: DePratter, Chester B. and South, Stanley, “Discovery at Santa Elena: Boundary Survey” (1995). Research Manuscript Series. Book 223. pg 6)

Click on the map above to learn more about Santa Elena's history.

DeBry’s Engravings of Le Moyne’s Images at

Click on the link above to go to DeBry's engravings of Le Moyne's images at USF. This section includes 10 galleries of engravings based on drawings Le Moyne made on his trip to Florida. While there, he documented the lives of the Timucua Indians, who had already been visited by Jean Ribault two years earlier. (421 engravings). 
Hunting alligators. Since alligators were a threat to the village a guard kept watch from a small hut with many holes for looking out. When an alligator came near the guard called for help and the men tried to ram a pointed log down its throat. When the alligator got its teeth stuck in the log, the men would flip it over and attack its softer underbelly. It is obvious from this plate that the engraver had never seen an alligator. Notice the ears and fingers. Plate XXVI.
Photo credit: The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of South Florida

Fort Caroline

Click on the image above to learn more about the history of Fort Caroline

Drake's Raid

Click on the map above for a more detailed map of Drake's Raid location.