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Image sources:  Periodic table large by Wikimedia Commons user 2012rc Used under CC BY 3.0

FSCJ Database Interactive Chemistry

Interactive Online Resources


Reactions - Have we found all the elements?

Four elements have been added to the periodic table in 2016, completing the seventh row. However, these new elements are not naturally occurring. Scientists had to create them and overcome a number of challenges to do so. Isotopes, physics, and particle accelerators, oh my! 

Periodic Videos - Periodic Table of Videos

Periodic  Videos - All Chemical Elements in Order
From Hydrogen to Ununoctium, watch a video about all 118 elements from periodicvideos.

The Science Classroom - Chemistry 101

Build your foundational knowledge of chemistry with this 11 video playlist.  Topics covered the atom, electrons, periodic table, chemical compounds, molecules, chemical quantities, chemical nomenclature,  chemical reactions and balancing chemical equations, stoichiomety, limiting reactants and percent yield




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The Tutor Assisted Group Study Sessions (TAGSS) provides online sessions to aid students who need help with their science classes' lab or practical components. These sessions are for lab groups to meet and work through pre and post lab requirements.

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