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Issues & Controversies Database

Issues & Controversies provides information on controversial topics.  It includes articles representing different points of view.


  1. Open Issues & Controversies.
  2. To find a listing of possible issues for your essay, select Issues.   
  3.  Select a topic, such as animals rights.   
    1. The Issue Overview section will provide key ideas about the controversy.
    2. Select a Pro/Con Article to access articles and information including:
      • "Supporters Argue"  
      • "Opponents Argue"   
      •  Chronology 
      • Statistics
      • Primary Sources
      • Video
      • Editorials
      • News

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints in Context provides information and opinions on current and controversial social issues. Resources provided include pro/con viewpoint articles, topic overviews, academic journals, and websites.


  1. Open Opposing Viewpoints in Context.
  2. For topic ideas, select Browse Issues.
  3. Select a subject such as Media Bias.  

Additional Databases