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Health Navigator

Health Navigator Associate in Science Degree

Videos in FILMS-ON-DEMAND Database

TEDTalks: Ethan Lindenberger—Why We Need to Fight Misinformation about Vaccines

TEDTalks, David Heymann\U+2014\What We Do (and don't) Know about the Coronavirus



Video: Medical students reflect on their roles as patient navigators

In this video, Penn State College of Medicine students describe their participation in the patient navigator program, part of the College’s health systems science curriculum.



Patient Navigators: A Step in the Right Direction

A brief video describing patient navigators. Discusses what a patient navigator is, and what they do. Presents historical evolution of patient navigators. Provides review of some available research regarding patient navigators. Concludes with call for nursing research involving patient navigators. - Duke School of Nursing


Video - Health Navigator

Health Navigator CPMCSutterHealth

(YouTube) Video describes the function and duties of a Health Navigator