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Program Overview and Oversight

Copies of FSCJ's Existing Memoranda of Understanding and Agreements with Third-Party Providers (Gen. Counsel's office)  

Guidelines from FCIE about Study Abroad Agreements Between Colleges/Universities and Their Consortia

Guidelines from CCID about Study Abroad Agreements Between Colleges/Universities and Their Consortia

Sample MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Third-Party Providers and Consortia for Study Abroad
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  • General Information Requirements for Students (SAMPLES)

Document Type Institution Sampled Link
Short-term Study Abroad Application POLK STATE COLLEGE
Student Consent/Assumption of Risk/Indemnification Forms






Forms for Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities  


Student Waiver and Release Forms ASU Arizona State University logo
Photography/Testimonial Release Forms    
Student Responsibilities and Conduct While Studying Abroad

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Study Abroad Checklist for Students Valencia College logo
Frequently Asked Questions Documents

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 Applying for a Passport


Travel State.Gov U.S. Department of State logo

Guidelines for Obtaining an International Student Identification Card ISIC International Student Identity Card logo
Travel Guidelines 



Student Exchange

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Financial Information and Resources
Sample Guidelines for Program Costs and Payment Methods (including information about cancelations, withdrawals, refund requests, release from liability)  
Sample Guidelines for Funding a Study Abroad Program  

Links to Descriptions of International Education Scholarships


Links to Information About the Use of Florida Prepaid College Funds and Florida Bright Futures Scholarships

Sample Documents for a Study Abroad Emergency Resource Fund  

Processes and Timelines for the Following: 









Financial Aid & Study Abroad- (Administrators)

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CUNY The City University of New York


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Financing Study Abroad

Whatley, M. (2017). Financing study abroad: an exploration of the influence of financial factors on student study abroad patterns. Journal of Studies in International Education21(5), 431–449. 



Suggested Articles: (For easy access, make sure you are logged into myFSCJ, Library and Learning Commons)


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Leading a Study Abroad Program

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The Forum on Education Abroad- Standards of Good Practice

NAFSA: Association of International Educators- Faculty Led Programs


Integrating Service Learning Into a Study Abroad Program

Cotten, C. ccotten1@uwf. ed., & Thompson, C. (2017). High-impact practices in social work education: a short-term study-abroad service-learning trip to guatemala. Journal of Social Work Education53(4), 622–636.

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Facilitating an Alternative Spring Break Program

Beatty, S. H., Meadows, K. N. 4,5,., SwamiNathan, R., & Mulvihill, C. (2016). The effects of an alternative spring break program on student development. Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement20(3), 90–118.

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Whitney Eulich Correspondent. (2018, March 23). Spring break in Puerto Rico? After María, that means “rebuild,” not “relax.” Christian Science Monitor, p. N.PAG.

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Break -Alternative Breaks 

Break Alternative Breaks Active Citizenship

Break Alternative Break Citizenship schools

Providing Clery Act and Title IX Training

Brubaker, S. J. sbrubaker@vcu. ed., & Mancini, C. (2017). The impact of increased state regulation of campus sexual assault practices: perspectives of campus personnel. Journal of School Violence16(3), 286–301.

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U.S. Department of Education -Title IX and Sex Descrimination

FSCJ Campus Policies-Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crimes

Clery Center


Short-Term Study Abroad Program

Caldwell, P., & Purtzer, M. A. (2015). Long-Term Learning in a Short-Term Study Abroad Program: “Are We Really Truly Helping the Community?” Public Health Nursing, (5), 577.

Ramakrishna, H., Sarkar, A., & Vijayaraman, B. (2016). Factors Affecting the Design of Short-Term Study-Abroad Programs: An Exploratory Study of Two Business Schools. Journal of Teaching in International Business27(2/3), 124–141.

Seldes, S. (2018, September 7). Explore the world: study abroad with IRSC in 2019. TCPalm. Retrieved from


Study Abroad Programs

Cuellar, N. G. (2016). Study Abroad Programs. Journal of Transcultural Nursing27(3), 209–209.


Suggested Articles- For easy access please log in to myFSCJ, Library and Learning Commons



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Rausch, K. (2014, March 30). Blog. Retrieved from Melibee Global:

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COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities Course Development and Implementation Case Study 4. Belize - USA: English Literature & Composition 


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FSCJ Calendar of Events


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International Education Week - Valencia College


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