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Center for International Education Resource page

International Education Team


SAMPLE Mission, Vision, Values and Goals Statements

College / University Program Link



Draft Web Page for the FSCJ Center for International Education    
Draft Template for a Printed Program Guide    
Draft Honors Program Handbooks for Students and Faculty Honors Program Overview FSCJ Honors Program page


LINKS to Other Colleges and Universities' Web Pages

College/ University Global Learning Study Abroad
Polk State College logo

YouTube Video:

The Buzz #23- Polk State College Global Studies Program

University of Kentucky Logo  
Lane Community College logo  


Faculty Professional Development

Academy for Teaching and Learning's Active Learning Certificate Program

Active Learning Certificate Program Documents and Procedures

FSCJ Distinguished Honors Faculty Professional Development Program


Guidelines for Applying for the One-Step Salary Incentive

Salary Incentives for Professional Development and Earned Degrees (APM 03-0911)

Sample of the One-Step Salary Incentive Application for the Honors Program





FSCJ Calendar of Events and Celebrations & Examples from other Colleges

FSCJ Calendar of Events


Intercultural Awareness Month


Diversity Awareness

International Education Week - Valencia College

Clubs and Organizations

Club Advisor Contact
FSCJ Foreign Currency Trading Club Mark Barber
International Club Laura Pitois
Spanish Club Jannefer Coleman
Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies Maria Colavito
ESOL Language Buddies' Program Catherine Rifkin
International Chit-Chat Arias Suarez & Eva Solano 

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Occasional Papers