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Escape Rooms

This LibGuide offers useful background and setup information on using digital escape room games in an educational setting. Click through the tabs as needed.

Tips on getting started

Where to begin creating your first escape game is a personal preference. Some people start with a template, while others like to start from scratch. Either way, you will need to decide on a few necessary components. Below are a few tips to help you get started.  You can also work with FSCJ Librarians to create a game for your class. 

  1. Purpose Starters: What is the goal of your game? team-building, mastering a skill, reviewing material, previewing texts, etc.
    1. Chunk the objective: Evaluate if you need to divide your objective into individual sections (or puzzles) to help commit the information to memory. 
    2. Examples: Use questions from a quiz or a chapter review. We used a mnemonic device to help students learn how to evaluate websites. 
  2. Story Starters:
    1. Types of Escape: Is it a series of puzzles solved in order? A non-linear escape room? Scavenger hunt? Game creator, “Exit Strategy Games” provides a summary of 5 types of escape games.
    2. Theme: Another industry leader, “Escape Front”, discusses popular themes in this article.

How to Get Started

Available Platforms

This site has articles to help you get started.

Please review the FAQ page to understand this application's limitations

The metaverse help can be found in YouTube channel

This tool has a gamification section with templates you can use to get started. The premium templates are not free and are designate with a   star. You will need to set up an account

Designing Clues