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Here you'll find genres, databases, and online resources pertaining to graphic novels. You may even find something to entertain you. Welcome and enjoy!

What is a Graphic Novel?

A fantastic, in depth, definition of what graphic novels are and what they are not comes from No Flying No Tights a graphic novel review blog:

"The shortest definition of a graphic novel is this: a book-length comic. It's that simple. Artists and writers create longer plots, ranging from 10 to over 300 pages worth of work, all in the comic art format. As with comic books, they are quite complex in terms of their artwork and the layouts get more adventurous." - No Flying No Tights

We also have Will Eisner's, the father of the graphic novel, definition:

"I had finally settled on the term 'graphic novel' as an adequate euphemism [for comic book], but the class I teach is called 'sequential art' - and of course that's what it is - a sequence of pictures arranged to tell a story." - Vulture



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