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Meet the Team

About Us

BOSS is implemented and managed by a dedicated interdisciplinary STEM team consisting of highly qualified faculty members supported by administrators, internal staff and external partners with strong educational research experience.

Meet the FSCJ Faculty BOSS Team

  • Ivetta Abramyan, Professor of Earth and Space Science, serves as the Principal Investigator. Ms. Abramyan has an M.S. in Marine Science and a B.S. in Meteorology. She has developed the curriculum for three STEM courses at FSCJ and actively conducts collaborative research in the field. As PI of BOSS, she oversees faculty professional development, administrative duties, reporting, and the implementation of the study skills tutorials into the selected STEM courses. She teaches the project’s Earth & Space Science course.
  • Dr. Holly Wiegreffe, Professor of Chemistry, has a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry and serves as a Co-PI. Dr. Wiegreffe has co-developed FSCJ’s year-long faculty professional development series. She leads the grant’s Introduction to General Chemistry course efforts.
  • Dr. Eddy Stringer, Professor of Mathematics, has a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and serves as Co-PI. Dr. Stringer has previous grant experience as a PI of an NSF S-STEM project at Tallahassee Community College. He was also a Mathematics Instructor/Mentor for a U.S. Department of Education TRIO Talent Search grant at University of Florida. Dr. Stringer is embedding the study skills learning models into College Algebra courses.
  • Lyn Noble, Professor of Mathematics, has an M.A. degree in Mathematical Sciences. She has taught mathematics courses at FSCJ for 25 years and was previously a CO-PI on an NSF S-STEM grant at the College. Ms. Noble is embedding the study skills learning models into College Algebra courses.
  • Dr. Hamid Aidinejad, Professor of Physics and Engineering, has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Physics and serves as Senior Personnel on the grant. Dr. Aidinejad worked for an engineering company prior to teaching at FSCJ. He is embedding study skills tutorials into the Introduction to Engineering course.
  • Dr. Maria Oehler, Professor of Natural Sciences, has an M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Biology/Physics) and a Ph.D. in Health Science and serves as Senior Personnel. Dr. Oehler has been teaching biological sciences since 2001 and is embedding the study skills tutorials into Life in its Biological Environment courses.
  • Chris Lee, Professor of Computer Information Technology at FSCJ, has a MS in Electrical Engineering and serves as Senior Personnel. In addition to teaching at FSCJ, he is also very active in pre-college STEM education. He will oversee the inclusion of the study skills tutorials in the Hardware Configuration course.

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