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Student Equipment Lending: Option for Award

Technology Award Information for Students

Are you a student in need of technology to help you succeed in an online academic environment?


Self check: If you can answer "YES" to all of the following questions, there is a possibility that you may be eligible to receive a laptop or webcam through the technology award program:


Question: Are you enrolled in six or more semester credit hours (or the equivalent)?

Question: Have you completed the FAFSA?

Question: Does your expected family contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA indicate that you have some unmet financial needs?

Question: Are you eligible for financial aid based on your satisfactory academic progress?


If you answered “YES” to all these questions, and you are in need of technology to support your online learning, please complete the following survey. 

Survey of Student Readiness for Online Learning



Once you have completed the online survey, FSCJ will determine if you meet the student technology award eligibility requirements.  Please be advised that if you choose to accept this technology award, its total value will be subtracted from your overall financial aid. Please contact FSCJ Advising for specific questions about your eligibility and financial aid.


*For students who do not meet the technology award eligibility requirements, the Library and Learning Commons offers options to borrow laptops and webcams through the student lending program