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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Ideas: How to Add/Share Ideas

This guide is designed to assist in the collection and distribution of information regarding the phased collaborative development of a new Quality Enhancement Plan for FSCJ.

How to Add an Idea

This page is intended to provide information on how to enter ideas, add comments to other's ideas, and highlight those you think have the most potential to improve student success. (Video Introduction)

Instructions on How to Enter an Idea

The image to the right shows the 5 areas (in red) that you can contribute and share ideas.

1) You can enter a new idea by clicking the "Add  an idea" link on your appropriate tab (Student or Faculty, Staff, Administrator) on this Guide.  

2) Add your name if you wish! No need to if you don't want. Also no need to ever log in to the system via Facebook, etc. if prompted.

3) Please add a description to your idea. Descriptions are very helpful in detailing what you have in mind. There is no text limit, so write as much as you like!

4) If someone already has an idea like yours, simple add a pro (+) or con (-) statement next to the idea. You can also "thumbs up" pro or con statements!

5) If there are lots of ideas, simply "Vote" for the idea you like best. The votes tally and move the most voted for ideas to the top. Again no need to add your can enter "anonymous" if you wish to do so.


More about Tricider

Sample Idea Including Steps (in RED) Note: The embedded image below is not "live"

Video Introduction: How to Use this Guide and Add Ideas for a QEP Topic: 8 min.