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Virtual Reality: Oculus Quest

A guide to assist with the use of VR headsets and in finding excellent resources



The Oculus Quests are available for use at these locations:

  • Deerwood Center - 4 headsets
  • South Campus - 18 headsets

Important note:  Our headsets are already logged into an account created by the LLC and cannot be paired with the app on your phone.


Safety Video:  Be sure to watch this first!


Basic Tutorial


Some helpful advice:

  • The best apps to start with are ones that do not have a lot of movement or heights so that you do not feel sick.  
  • Try an app for just a few minutes to see how you it makes you feel.
  • Remember that if you feel sick, you can just take off the headset to get out of the app/experience.
  • Move your feet if you are sitting or move back and forth as you stand to re-orient yourself.
  • Ideally, you have a fan for air movement as this has been found to help.


Learn about the controllers before putting on the headset:

You can use your controller to interact with apps and games, using the buttons on your controller to do the following:

  • Trigger, A and X buttons: Press to select things.
  • B and : Press to go back to the previous screen or menu.
  • Oculus button: Press to go back to Oculus Home or press and hold to reset your controller orientation.
  • Grip button: Press to grab objects or make a fist when using your virtual hands.
  • Menu button: Press the menu button from Oculus Home to bring up the menu.
  • Press any button to wake the controller after you turn on your headset.

Note: Individual apps may include their own tutorials for how to use the buttons on your Oculus Touch controllers in each VR experience.

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Using the Headset:

  • ** It is very important to make sure the strap wraps around under the base of your head (skull) or it will slip down!


To put your headset on:

  1. Loosen the side straps and then the top strap.
  2. Starting from the back, put your headset on.
    • Make sure to pull the back strap down until it cradles the base of your head.
    • If you’re wearing glasses, put the headset on from the front first.
  3. Tighten the side tabs and then top strap.
    • Make sure the straps aren't too tight. The headset should fit comfortably and shouldn't apply too much pressure on your face and head.

To adjust your view:

  • With your hands holding both sides of your headset, slowly move your Oculus Quest up and down until the picture is clear and the headset feels comfortable.
  • If you wear glasses, learn more about prescription lenses for your Oculus Quest, or insert the glasses spacer into your Oculus Quest headset prior to using it.
  • If the image in your headset isn't clear, you can use your left thumb to move the image slider on the left of the bottom of your headset to the left and right until the image is clear.



Great Apps to Start With



This company has great experiences that range from entertaining to educational.  As many of the experiences are more observational or story-like, this is a good place to start to get used to VR.


YouTube - 360 Video

YouTube's 360 videos are often of beautiful or famous locations from all over the world.  Some experience will be easy on the beginner and can be checked by previewing on their website. 


Tour our Library and Learning Center

You can virtually visit our South Campus LLC and get used to VR by viewing the 360 pictures.


You can access the Oculus app via your phone to see different games and events hosted by the company.


Important note:  Our headsets are already logged into an account created by the LLC and cannot be paired with the app on your phone.


Northeast Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN) Grant Award

In the spring of 2019, Florida State College at Jacksonville was awarded a NEFLIN  Innovation Grant to acquire 18 Oculus Quest headsets to test the impact of using the Quest in higher education instruction. The FSCJ LLC team is incredibly appreciative of NEFLIN's support for this project.

Please take a moment to review the findings of the research generated through the NEFLIN grant.  The videos and resources linked though this page will assist users in preparation for classroom integration, as well as individual users interested in operating their personal devices.

Oculus Quest Basic Tutorial

Oculus Quest Safety Video


View this safety video before using the Quest: