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Chicago/Turabian Style: How to Cite a Basic Website and Images from Electronic Resources

Need help with formatting citations? Use this brief guide to Chicago/Turabian Style.

Citing A Basic Website

When citing websites, try to include as much basic information as you can in order to identify and locate the source even if the URL changes or becomes obsolete (pp. 197; 260).

When using the Notes-Bibliography style, the website citation information is normally limited to the notes unless it is critical to your argument. If no author information is provided and a formal bibliography entry is desired, list the source under the title of the website or the name of the owner/sponsor (p. 197).

For Author-Date style, a website citation can often be limited to a mention in the text ("As of July 27, 2012, Google's Privacy Policy as been update to include..."). However, if a formal citation is desired, use the examples below (pp. 260-1).

General Format Notes-Bibliography Style (p. 197):


      Note Number. Author First Name/Initial Author Last Name, "Title of Article: Subtitle of Article," Title or Owner of the Site, Date of Publication. accessed Date of Access, URL.    

      Bibliographic Entry (necessary if citation is critical to your argument or frequently cited in your paper):

Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Title of Webpage."

          Title or Owner of the Site, Date of Publication. Accessed

          Date of Access. URL.   

Examples of Note and Bibliographic Entry


      8. Susannah Brooks, "Longtime Library Director Reflects on a Career at the Crossroads," University of Wisconsin-Madison News, September 1, 2011, accessed May 14, 2012,

      Bibliographic Entry (if necessary):

Google. "Privacy Policy." Google Policies & Principles. Last

          modified July 27, 2012.  Accessed January 3, 2013.


General Format Author-Date Style (pp. 260-1)

      Parenthetical Citation:

      (Author Last Name Year)

      Reference List Entry:

Author Last Name, Author First Name. Year. "Title of Webpage." Title or Owner of

   Site, Additional Date Information. Accessed Date of Access. URL.

Examples of Parenthetical Citation and Reference List Entry

      Parenthetical Entry:

      (Brooks 2011)

        Reference List Entry:

Brooks, Susannah. 2011. "Longtime Library Director Reflects

          on a Career at the Crossroads." University of Wisconsin-

          Madison News, September 1. Accessed May 14,

          2012. http:   


Images from Electronic Resources

In general, include the artist's name, title of work, date it was created, name and location of where it is housed, and the access date and URL (pp. 200; 263-4).

For Notes-Bibliography style, images found online should only be cited in the notes.

For Author-Date style, include artwork viewed online in your reference list if required by your instructor. If you do not need to list it in the reference list, more complete citation information should be included in the parenthetical citation. See page 263 of the Manual for examples.

General Format  Notes-Bibliography Style (p. 200):


      Note Number. First Name of Artist Last Name of Artist, Title of Work,Year, type of medium, Name and Location of where it is housed, accessed (insert date of access), URL.

Example of Note:

      29.  Erich Bucholz, Untitled, 1920, gouache on paper, Museum of Modern Art, New York, accessed December 4, 2011,

General Format Author-Date Style (pp. 263)

      Parenthetical Citation:

      (Last Name of Artist Year)

      Reference List Entry:

Last Name of Artist, First Name of Artist. Year. Title of Work.

         Medium. Name and Location of Where it is Housed.

         Accessed (insert date accessed). URL.

Examples of Parenthetical and Reference List Entries:

      Parenthetical Entry:

      (Buchholz 1920)

      Reference List Entry:

Buchholz, Erich. 1920. Untitled. Gouache on paper. Museum

         of Modern Art, New York. Accessed December 4, 2011.