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Library Technical Services: Training for Library Staff

An informative guide for library staff

General Info

Our Alma site: (login with your MyFSCJ username and password)

Our Primo site: (sign in with your MyFSCJ username and password)

View this one minute video made by Dawn Washington for how to bookmark the Alma and Primo sites:

I have created a FAQ for Alma and Primo VE (updated as more questions come in):

How to Videos for Alma Fulfillment

How to Guides for Alma Acquisitions

How to Videos for Alma Acquisitions

How to Guides for Primo VE

How to Videos for Primo VE

Alma Essentials Training

FLVC created this page to help guide librarians and staff through Alma training. There are various links to different ExLibris modules:

FLVC Workshops

In spring 2021, ExLibris offered Alma training to cover overall Alma functionality and workflow issues. FLVC have made the recordings of each session of the workshops available for staff to watch. The recordings listed below are from the Week 2 and Week 6 workshops:

In fall 2021, FLVC hosted five additional Ex Libris online workshops. These sessions focused on certain parts of the system that staff have questions with rather than a broad overview of all aspects of Alma/Primo VE. The areas covered in the new workshops are: Managing E-Resources, Primo VE, Managing Physical Resources, Cataloging, and Alma Analytics