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Library Technical Services: Cataloging Tickets

An informative guide for library staff

Cataloging Ticket Procedures


Cataloging Ticket Procedures

Here is a sample Cataloging Ticket for the Downtown Campus. The form is basically the same for each campus, with some minor differences (Campus name ; Rev. date/paper color). The form has two major sections of information.


Section B – Filled out by Acquisitions Staff on each campus

Middle Column:

  • Circle the material type of the item
  • Optional: If someone affiliated with FSCJ wrote the item, please circle their role
  • Title: Write the title of the item (Main part of title is required - subtitle is optional)
  • Optional: Author/Editor (Last name only is ok)
  • Optional: ISBN
  • Optional: In the blank space, enter any instructions or information you think will be helpful for Cataloging
  • Optional: If additional information needs to be noted, it can be written in the middle open space under ISBN.
  • Optional: If you do not wish the item to be sent out on ILL and/or if you do not want it to be checked out, check the box next to each statement.
  • Collection: Circle the collection where this title will be located at your campus

Right Column:

  • RUSH: Circle RUSH when the title is needed ASAP.
    • Optional “For”: Enter name of person you want to be notified. LTS will return a note with this name so you will have it available quickly when the item is returned to you. LTS does not do the notification.
    • Optional: NOTIFY only, but not needed ASAP.
  • Brief Record: Circle Brief Record if you added a brief record for an item that was not in the catalog.
  • Gift: Circle Gift for items donated to the library.
  • PPR: Circle PPR if public performance rights are included with film purchase.
  • # copies: If the number of copies for the order is 2 or more, enter the number.
  • Enter the Purchase Order Line (POL) for the item.
  • Date/Initials: Enter the date and your initials on the form.
  • Place the ticket in the book/item, with “Section B” (right side of form with RUSH)

Section A – Filled out Technical Services Staff

Section A is used as a worksheet for cataloging items for each campus.

Left Column:

  • Call #: Write the call number of the item.
  • New to FSCJ: Circle if no other FSCJ location owns this title
  • New to Aleph: Circle if no other college in Aleph owns this title and this record is new to Aleph.
  • Jacket: Circle if the book has a jacket to be covered with Mylar film.
  • DLC Record: Circle if record is from the Library of Congress. 
  • Original Record: Circle when an original record was created for item.
  • Record Exported: Circle when a record was exported/updated from bibliographic utility in Aleph.
  • OCLC Holding Set: Circle when the holding in OCLC has been added for FSCJ.
  • OPAC Note: Enter display note for OPAC. (Ex: FSCJ Faculty Author ; This copy lacks accompanying CD; Not for interlibrary loan (used for PPR items)).
  • CIRC Note (created pop-up message in CIRC module): Enter desc./number of pieces per barcode.

(Ex: LOOK FOR: 2 DVDs ; LOOK FOR: 1 Book + 1 CD-ROM).

  • Internal Note: Enter note for library use only.  (Ex: Signed by author ; FSCJ Faculty Author ; Boxed set split).
  • Enum.1/Enum.2:  Used for volumes and multi-piece sets.