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Concussion: Contact Sports and Brain Injuries: Videos & DVDs

This guide provides reliable sources regarding the connection between contact sports and brain injuries, especially chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Videos and DVDs - Purpose of Page

This page lists a selection of our non-fiction titles about Contact Sports and Brain Injuries. Students will need to sign into their account to access streaming content in the library's databases.

Physical and Streaming Videos




Trailer for PBS Video's "League of Denial"

Something strange and deadly is happening inside the brains of top athletes -- a degenerative condition, possibly linked to concussions, that causes dementia, psychosis and far-too-early death. It's called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, and it's the medical mystery that Chris Nowinski wants to solve by analyzing brains after death. It's also why, when Nowinski meets a pro athlete, his first question is: "Can I have your brain?" Hear more from this ground-breaking effort to protect athletes' brains -- and yours, too.

Concussion (Fictionalized Movie Based on the Book)