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Tutoring Services: Online Tutoring

To serve the needs of distance learners, the College is pleased to provide access to free online tutoring services.  We encourage students to utilize this rich resource.



Smarthinking Online Tutorial Service

Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service that offers students access to tutoring in a wide range of subjects.  Smarthinking is accessible via the myFSCJ portal and on the main page in Blackboard.  



Essay Center

Grammar & Documentation Review

Resume or Cover Letter

Career Writing

Paragraph Submission

Live Essay Review w/Audio

Writing (All Subjects)

Research and Documentation


Writing (All Subjects) w/Audio


Computer Applications

IT Support Excel

IT Support PowerPoint

IT Support Windows 7

IT Support Access

IT Support Word



Basic Math Skills

Liberal Arts Math


Geometry & Trigonometry

Calculus Single Variable


Basic Math w/ Audio

Liberal Arts Math w/Audio

Algebra w/Audio

Geometry & Trigonometry w/Audio

Calculus Single Variable w/Audio

Statistics w/Audio

Math en espanol

Advanced Statistics

LInear Algebra

Multivariable Calculus

Differential Equations

Discrete Mathematics



Macroeconomic Principles

Microeconomic Principles


General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry



Intro Human A & P


Foreign Language-Spanish


Spanish w/Audio

Spanish Essay Center


Accounting and Finance

Intro Accounting

Intermediate Accounting

Advanced Accounting

Individual Income Tax

Cost Accounting

Payroll Accounting

Corporate Tax



Introductory Finance


Nursing and Allied Health

Nursing A & P

Nursing Care Plans

Nursing Medical Surgery

Nursing Pathophysiology

Nursing Pharmacology

Nursing OB/GYN

Nursing Oncology

Nursing Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing

Nursing Administration

Nursing Pediatrics

Nursing Geriatrics

Allied Health A & P

Allied Health Pharmacology

Medical Assisting

Medical Terminology


Allied Health Essays


Accessing Smarthinking

  1. Log in to myFSCJ.
  2. Click to highlight the Students options

  1. Click on the Smarthinking icon under the Useful Links section on the side right panel.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

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