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Tutoring Services: Science Tutoring

Math Tutoring

Campus-Based Tutoring

Campus-based science tutoring is currently available at the following locations:  Cecil, Deerwood, Downtown, Kent, North, and South. To schedule a campus-based tutoring appointment or check for the availability of walk-ins, please use the following link:

Schedule a Campus-Based Tutoring Appointment in myGradPlan

Note to Faculty and Staff: The booking link for campus tutoring appointments is connected to the student user role. Faculty and staff attempting to use this link will receive an error message.  Students may view the how-to videos included on this page for assistance with navigating this booking process.

You may also check the availability of specific staff by scrolling down to view the staff profiles below.

Online Tutoring

If you would prefer an online science tutoring session with one of FSCJ's staff members, you may use the following link to view availability and book an appointment using the Tutor Match feature in Brainfuse.

Use This Link for Direct Access to Brainfuse


In addition to the link on this page, there are access points for Brainfuse in myFSCJ and Canvas course shells.

Note:  You may also access online science tutoring by using the Live Help feature in Brainfuse that is staffed by Brainfuse's professional tutors.  Please note that you are allotted 90 minutes per month to use the services provided by Brainfuse's tutors.  Any sessions that you have in Live Help will be deducted from your monthly allotment of time. To maximize your access to tutoring support, we suggest that you use Tutor Match with FSCJ's tutors as your primary source of tutoring support and then supplement with help provided by Brainfuse's tutors during times when our tutors are not available for appointments.


What to Expect During a Science Tutoring Session

Science tutoring appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments. You may stretch your session time to a full hour by scheduling two back-to-back tutoring appointments in one calendar day. We cap tutoring sessions at one hour of tutoring per calendar day to ensure that our staff are available to assist as many students as possible.

  • Please prepare for your session by identifying specific questions or examples of problems that you would like to work through. Bring your class notes, textbook, or any handouts that you have so that they may be referenced during your session. 
  • If you are seeking science tutoring because you would like to prepare for a standardized test or licensure exam, please consult practice test materials so that you will have specific examples of the kinds of problems with which you need help. Study materials for a number of these exams are available through our library:
  • For online tutoring sessions, you may the Snap and Send feature in Brainfuse's mobile app to facilitate content sharing during the session.
  • Students who receive notetaking or sign language interpretation as a part of their accommodations for disabilities may bring these support staff members with them to their tutoring sessions. For online tutoring sessions, just reach out to the tutor with whom the session has been scheduled to alert them that you will be inviting another attendee so that they can provide you with a special access link for the session. 

Meet Our Staff

Nathan Cramer, Academic Tutor (he, him, his)

Deerwood Center

Associate in Arts

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Courses: PHY 1020, CHM 1025C, CHM 2045C, PHY 2048C, PHY 2049C

Campus Tutoring Appointment Booking Link:

Brainfuse ID: NathanC9

Sandy Mixson

Sandy Mixson, Academic Tutor

Deerwood Center

Associate in Arts

Currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Courses BSC-2085C, BSC-2086C, CHM-1025C, MCB-2010C

Campus Tutoring Booking Link:

Brainfuse ID: sandym1

Curtis Weinman, Academic Tutor (he, him, his)

Deerwood Center

Bachelor of Science in Math

Courses: BSC 2085C, BSC 2086C, PHY 2048C, PHY 2049C, PHY 2053C, PHY 2054C

Campus Tutoring Appointment Booking Link:

Brainfuse ID: Cweinman04


Michael Grainger, Academic Tutor

Downtown Campus

Courses: Brainfuse only--Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology

Campus Tutoring Appointment Booking Link: N/A

Brainfuse ID: MichaelFSCJ

Samantha Knight, Academic Tutor

Kent Campus

Courses: BSC 1005, BSC 1005L, BSC 1011C, BSC 2010C, BSC 2011C, BSC 2085C, BSC 2086C, 

BSC 2093C, BSC 2094C, CHM 1020, CHM 1025C, CHM 1030C, CHM 1031C, CHM 1032C, 

CHM 1040C, CHM 1045C, CHM 1046C, CHM 2045C, CHM 2046C, CHM 2210C, CHM 2211C

Campus Tutoring Appointment Booking Link:

Brainfuse ID: SamanthaK7

Oksana Spears, Academic Tutor 

North Campus

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Courses: PHY 2048C, PHY 2053C, PHY 2054C

Campus Tutoring Appointment Booking Link:

Brainfuse ID: OksanaS8

Michael Crosby, Academic Tutor

South Campus

Courses: CHM 1020, PHY 2048C, PHy 2049C, PHY 2053C, PHY 2054C

Campus Tutoring Booking Link:

Liem Nguyen, Academic Tutor

South Campus

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, minor in math

Courses: CHM 1025C, CHM 2045C, PHY 2048C, PHY 2049C

Campus Tutoring Appointment Booking Link:

Brainfuse ID: nguylg


In addition to our professional staff of academic tutors, the LLC has peer tutors who provide support in our tutoring labs and in the online platform. 

How-To Videos

Need assistance with booking a tutoring session? Please check out the how-to videos below for a demonstration of how to book both campus-based and online tutoring appointments.

Science Resources

Please click the link below to view a LibGuide that provides access to a number of helpful math resources.