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AMH 2010: United States History To 1877

This guide presents useful resources for the AMH 2010 course.

Suggested Search Terms

Here are some example keywords or phrases that can be used to find specific information in the library catalog and academic databases:

  • Colonial America
  • American revolution
  • Civil War

Suggested Boolean Searches

Refine searches using operators like "AND," "OR," and "NOT," ensuring more precise and relevant results.

  • Civil war AND America
  • Civil War OR reconstruction 
  • American revolution NOT politics

Suggested Subject Headings

Standardized terms are used to categorize and organize content within the library catalog and academic databases to enhance search precision and efficiency.

  • United States -- History -- 1783-1865
  • United States -- History 

Suggested Call Number Ranges

Locate materials within the library in these call number areas.

  • E98 - E661

General Databases

Databases on History

Video Databases