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LibGuide Design Basics: Attributions

This guide provides tips and resources to FSCJ librarians create LibGuides.

Policies for Using Images & Media

Whenever possible, images should come from the public domain or Creative Commons.

All images and media should be accompanied by attributionsThe attribution should be directly beneath the image, in the caption field, or located in the lower right box on the page.

All images and media should be accompanied by alt text descriptions.

How to Attribute Your Creative Commons Images

Your attribution should follow this format, which adheres to Creative Commons best practices.

Title of image/video [linked to original image]

by Author [linked to profile page]

under License [linked to license deed]

Click on the tabs above to see examples.

How to Attribute Your Public Domain Images

Your attribution should follow this format:

Title of work [linked to original image]

by AuthorDate (if known, or n.d. if not known)

Public Domain

Click on the tabs above to see examples.

Dinant 1649

Dinant. By Joan Blaeu, 1649. Public Domain

Degas Study of a Dancer

A Study of a Dancer. By Edgar Degas, n.d. Public Domain

Vergilius Vat Folio

Vergilius Vat Folio. By Vergilius Vaticanus, n.d. Used under Public Domain

How to Attribute Your Images in Gallery Boxes

When you add a Gallery box, you are not able to add text beneath your image. However, you are able to add a label, caption, and link for each image. These display on top of your image and are often difficult to see. In most cases, we recommend that you add a text box in the bottom right of your page with all image citation information instead of using this caption option.

If you have an image that would clearly display white text at the bottom, follow these directions to add captions:

Screenshot of Add and Edit Panes window

So, if you want to attribute within your Gallery box:

  • Insert image title in the Label field
  • Insert "by Author. Used under License" or "by Author, Date, Public Domain) in the Caption field. You will not be able to link to these items without using html code.
  • Insert the url to the original image in the Image Link URL field

Again, note that any text you provide will be displayed across your image, not beneath it. There are no options to adjust this.

Image of storm troopers playing twister

License and Attributions

Creative Commons Attribution License This guide has been adapted from Butler University LibrariesButler LibGuides: Standards & Best Practices under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)