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This guide was created for the Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies

Chinese Culture and Language Resources

Image sources:Hawyih [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

This is a selective list of books, Ebooks, videos and websites about the Chinese language and culture. To search for more titles about Chinese, you can also use the "Search FSCJ Library Catalog" box below.

Below is a list of call number ranges where you can find more materials in Chinese or about the history & culture of Chinese societies.

Library of Congress Call Numbers
DS 701-799.9..........History of China PL 1001-1960..........Chinese Language PL 2250-3208...........Chinese Literature

**Audio-Visual Materials will have an AV in front of the call number.

Chinese Language Learning Materials

This video is part of the series: Chinese in Three Minutes in our Films on Demand database.

The next video is from The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Pronunciation series in our Films on Demand database.


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