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Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies

This guide was created for the Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies

Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies

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This LibGuide was created to support the Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies. Please use this guide to find resources for learning a foreign language and learning about different cultures. For more information about the Center, please contact Dr. Carl Colavito at

C4CLaS Vision Statement & Goals

Students of FSCJ will join the world “conversation” by effectively understanding, exchanging ideas, and beneficially cooperating with, international communities. Our mission is to provide a robust and wide array of programs, activities, and events designed to facilitate awareness, understanding, and mastery of language acquisition, cultural competency, and political savvy of cultures foreign to, and within, the United States.


At Kent Campus we have begun to develop a dedicated space for our Center (F 118A) where students can engage in a variety of activities and programs. Students may simply congregate to speak with each other in a specific target language. They may hold a book club, watch a television series, or play video games, all in a language they desire to learn or teach others. We will have a presence on all FSCJ campuses in time so look out for our Language Tables (free conversation), ethnic oriented culinary experiences (lunches), gaming, news sharing, speakers, and more!

Upcoming Events--Facebook Page

Follow the C4ClaS Facebook Group page to get links to weekly Language Tables (meeting virtually in Canvas) and news of upcoming events.

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Ethiopia and the United States Relations

Reasons to learn another language