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Image sources:  learn-school-language-teaching by pixabay user geralt Used under CC0 


Spelling-Sound Correlations in French for Beginners

These videos were created by Dr. Demharter to help non-native speakers to achieve the best possible standard French pronunciation. Dr. Demharter is a specialist in French Phonetics and has a collection of 26 videos to help beginners. 

Ask a French Teacher

Learn French with These videos answers questions that students have asked when learning the French language.  The videos cover topics such as direct and indirect object pronouns.  Check out the series to see if they provide an answer to your question.

Weekly French Words

In this series, you'll learn the must-know French vocabulary for each theme. Great for more experienced speakers! Five words are introduced per lesson, along with sample sentences. These quick, bite-sized lessons will get you speaking more French in no time! 

French Language Learning Materials

This video is from The Ultimate French Pronunciation series in our Films on Demand database. FSCJ login required.

The next video is from the series: French in Three Minutes in the Films on Demand database. FSCJ login required.