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Mathematics Tutoring: College Algebra

This guide provides information on additional tutoring resources for FSCJ students

 image of math equations College Algebra

Image sources:  Mathematics formula by pixabay user geralt Used under CC0 


College Algebra from mathman1024

This playlist from mathman1024 has 172 videos on College Algebra. They start with linear equations, continue with reviews, and brake down many other topics into specific lessons. Most of the videos are under 10 minutes because it is more of a review than detailed lesson. 

College Algebra homework from mathman1024

This playlist from mathman1024 has 28 videos on College Algebra Homework. You can use this for practice of specific concepts such as factoring, quadratic equations and more. Most of the videos are under 10 minutes. 

Open Campus – College Algebra

This playlist from bpccopencampus has 51 videos on College Algebra. These videos are a little longer because they cover details on each type of problem. The first part of the videos usually cover vocabulary used in that lesson.