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Mathematics Tutoring

This guide provides information on additional tutoring resources for FSCJ students

Pen, Math, Calculus, and math symbol  Pre-Calculus

Image sources:  writing cursive pen math calculus by pixabay user edfungus Used under CC0 




PRECALCULUS 1 - ALGEBRA REVIEW  from Michel van Biezen 

This playlist of 82 videos are a review of algebra and are short. The first video is a preview of what is generally covered in Precalculus.  

Graphing, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions from Michel Van Biezen 


This playlist has 30 videos short videos with examples on graphing polynomials and rational functions.  They cover topics such as polynomial terminology, domain, range, and more

Precalculus Handouts

Trigonometry Handouts

Handouts and/or Worksheets