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Mathematics Tutoring

This guide provides information on additional tutoring resources for FSCJ students

Mathematics Resources | Home

Welcome to the FSCJ Mathematics Tutoring Guide! This tutoring guide was created as an additional resource for FSCJ students, staff, and faculty regarding mathematics courses offered at FSCJ.

 Within each tabbed mathematics course (side of the home page), you will find resources such as tutoring services by external sites or those provided by one of the many campuses and centers of FSCJ, reading material for self-study or those used in lectures, worksheets for additional exercises and practice, links to local (where applicable) and national organizations, and much more! This tutoring guide is currently a work in progress so content and material found may be periodically changed to keep up with current trends and/or offerings by the college; therefore, all feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcomed as we continually strive to provide FSCJ's commitment to excellence in education.

Math Placement Decision-Making Resources

Man looking at blackboard full of equations

Planning to register for a math class and interested in checking your math skills to assist with course selection? FSCJ offers a variety of introductory math courses, from developmental education (or college preparatory) math courses, such as MAT 0018 and MAT 0028, to college-level math courses like MAT 1033 (which counts as an Associate in Arts elective), and college-credit math courses like MAC 1105 (College Algebra) or MGF 1106 (Topics in College Mathematics) and MGF 1107 (Explorations in Mathematics), which fulfill your general education requirements.

Consider taking a math self-check (links provided below) to learn more about your current knowledge and skills in math.

Each of the math courses listed below has a bank of self-checks containing ten questions apiece. At the end of each self-check, you will receive a score and feedback to help you understand the correct response to the questions. These self-checks are designed to assist you in checking your math understanding and in making informed choices when registering for math classes. The self-checks are not considered an official assessment instrument and will not be used by the College for placement. Rather, the self-checks are for your use only. For assistance with registering for classes, please see an FSCJ Student Success advisor.

Course Self-Checks
MAT 0018

Self Check 1

Self Check 2

Self Check 3

MAT 0028

Self Check 1

Self Check 2

Self Check 3

MAT 1033

Self Check 1

Self Check 2

Self Check 3

MAC 1105

Self Check 1

Self Check 2

Self Check 3

MGF 1106 and MGF 1107

Self Check 1

Self Check 2

Self Check 3


Helpful Links and General Math Resources

Math Videos

EHB explains, each video relates to a specific topic in math to help students "through the tough parts...math is hard enough as it is, so hopefully these videos will make it a bit easier for you."

Elementary Algebra (MAT 0028)

Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033)

College Algebra (MAC 1105)

Developmental/Basic Math

These and other video series are indexed in this guide to help students locate the specific content they are looking for.

Khan Academy Courses & Videos

Use tabs above to view content outlines and links for each course.



Course Summary
  1. Factors and multiples
  2. Patterns
  3. Ratios and rates
  4. Percentages
  5. Exponents intro and order of operations
  6. Variables & expressions
  7. Equations & inequalities introduction
  8. Percent & rational number word problems
  9. Proportional relationships
  10. One-step and two-step equations & inequalities
  11. Roots, exponents, & scientific notation
  12. Multi-step equations
  13. Two-variable equations
  14. Functions and linear models
  15. Systems of equations

Click Here to Access Khan Academy Pre Algebra Course

Course Summary
  1. Algebra foundations
  2. Solving equations & inequalities
  3. Working with units
  4. Linear equations & graphs
  5. Forms of linear equations
  6. Systems of equations
  7. Inequalities (systems & graphs)
  8. Functions
  9. Sequences
  10. Absolute value & piecewise functions
  11. Exponents & radicals
  12. Exponential growth & decay
  13. Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring
  14. Quadratic functions & equations
  15. Irrational numbers
  16. Creativity in algebra

Click Here to Access Khan Academy Algebra 1 Course

Course Summary
  1.  Polynomial arithmetic
  2. Complex numbers
  3. Polynomial factorization
  4. Polynomial division
  5. Polynomial graphs
  6. Rational exponents and radicals
  7. Exponential models
  8. Logarithms
  9. Transformations of functions
  10. Equations
  11. Trigonometry
  12. Modeling

Click Here to Access Khan Academy Algebra 2 Course

Study Guides: Exams Review & Prep

CLEP and DSST Prep

CLEP and DSST (Defense Subject Standardized Test) can be an option for students, saving them time and money. Contact your academic adviser or counselor to check if you'll get credit for the exams you plan to take.

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