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Speech Communication

This guide is designed to provide library research support for SPC 2017, SPC 2065, and SPC 2608.

Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters International

arrow in a circle The video "Five Basic Public Speaking Tips" is a general introduction to topics, preparations, body language, and more.

arrow in a circle  In the video "Toastmasters Tips – Visual Aids," you will learn about presentation equipment, audience interactions, backups, and visual aids' relevance to your speech.

arrow in a circle The video "Speaking Mistakes to Avoid" has five tips such as eye contact, marking your notes, setting your pace and voice.

Need a topic?

Try one of these databases that have hot topics, social issues, and current event topics.

Need Speech writing help?

FSCJ writing tutors can help you with common challenges:

  • Brainstorming and narrowing topics according to the professor's guidelines
  • Organizing information and completing your required outline
  • Creating in-text citations for your required outline
  • Formatting references for your required outline
  • Identifying grammar and punctuation error patterns and showing you how to correct them 

For more information on tutoring and instructions for scheduling an appointment:

How to Practice

Oral Citation

Citing in oral presentations is not a hard-and-fast rule. If you find a citation guide you like, please check with your professor to make sure you are following their guidelines.

To cite a source during a speech (orally), you want to provide enough information to help your listeners find your sources and understand that your sources are credible. Depending on the type of source this can be the author, title, and date of a source.


How Good Are Your Communication Skills?

Communication is one of the most important skills that you need to succeed in the workplace. You can take this short quiz to find out how good your communications skills are.