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FSCJ Adjunct Librarian Training

Welcome to the wonderful world of FSCJ librarianship! We are grateful for your knowledge and expertise, and also aware that everyone needs some guidance, especially when starting a new job in a different environment. My hope is that this LibGuide enables you to feel a bit more comfortable in these new surroundings, and lets you know that we are all here to help you. One of the pages on this guide is LLC Contacts; feel free to reach out to your colleagues listed there. 

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. Call me at (904) 381-3626 or email me at

Welcome aboard! 

Susan Mythen

Dean of Library & Tutoring Services

Duties - I'm Here...What Should I Do Now?

It is vital that you check your email even on those days when you are not physically present at the college.  Email may contain:

  • ‚ÄčOrientations scheduled during your shift.
  • Important notifications regarding time input deadlines, changes, etc.
  • Emergency notifications from the college.
  • Helpful information from your supervisor or your colleagues.
  • When you arrive, check with circulation and reference desk colleagues - anything I need to know?
  • Log into LibChat
  • Answer the phone professionally and promptly, identifying your campus or center, and identifying yourself. 
  • Create and maintain book and AV displays in collaboration with your full-time Faculty Librarian.
  • Recommend books and materials selections for the full-time Faculty Librarian's approval from journals and online reviews.  Please remember to check for duplicates before ordering! This is a necessary part of materials selection, and saves time for those who process your requests.
  • Check the catalog records (Alma & Primo) of new materials before they are shelved.
  • Update LibGuides - add new books, fix broken links, note media errors, etc.
  • Cover the circulation desk as needed.
  • Assist circulation staff with shelf reading, shelving books, etc.
  • If you find yourself at a loss for things to do, please check with your supervisor or librarian colleagues for appropriate tasks.  Remember, we are here to help each other!
  • If  assigned and if your campus or center has a door counter, check that and record the count.
  • Make sure your scheduled availability in LibCal is up to date for appointment bookings.
  • Ensure that the reference desk is clear, clean, and ready for the next shift.
  • Assist Circulation staff as needed with final clean up.
  • Leave notes or instructions as needed for next shift.


In order to maintain the professionalism to which we as Faculty Librarians aspire, there are some things we need to avoid  at the reference desk.  Remember, you are always visible to your colleagues, students, faculty, and staff.

Please avoid: 

  • Wearing inappropriate clothing.
  • Making personal telephone calls (unless it's an emergency).
  • Engaging in extended, non-work related conversations with your colleagues at the reference and circulation desk; not only does this waste time, it distracts our LLC visitors.
  • Reading non-work related periodicals or books.
  • Surfing the web for non-work related material.



If you have questions or concerns about your job duties, your hours, what is expected, etc., please do not hesitate to speak with your supervisor.  We are all in this together, and librarians are instinctively helpful!  Just ask!